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The Porsche Legends List

After seventy years in the sports car business, Porsche is known for its durability, handling and performance. A well respected and known marque in the realm of speed, we go back over its history, and look at three of its most phenomenal cars. Porsche 356 This was the car that made Porsche‚Äôs name. Ferdinand Porsche…

Porsche Emission and Environmental Standards

In the first half of last century a sports car was regarded as a vehicle that had more performance and slightly better handling than its peers. That perspective has drastically changed as time has passed. More and more demands and expectations are placed on the offerings available to the modern market. Cars not only need…

Jay Leno talks about his 1973 911T

Marlon Goldberg, the owner of LA Workshop 5001, stops by the garage to show Jay his unique take on restoring a 1973 Porsche 911T and a 1974 Porsche 911.