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porsche hangout 2020 Porsche 911 Updates

The new Porsche 911 (or 922, as some enthusiasts call it) is said to be released around 2020!

While Porsche has been trying to keep it on down low, rumor has it that this new 911 range will include the much-loved Carrera, Carrera S, GTS, Turbo and Turbo S, with the option of convertible and 4-wheel drive. For these models, the twin turbo 3.0 liter flat six will be the new entry level engine, adding an extra 30-40 horses compared to previous models, while adding rear wheel drive as the set standard. This next generation is said to reach up to 600bhp, making it one of the fastest ranges to be on sale in the coming years!

Porsche 911 Model Sneak Peek

The Porsche automaker had given us a peek of one of the latest 911 models, revealing only bits of the exterior. But our sneaky sources have managed to take some pics of the interior too! It appears that the 922 version retains the same exterior style of our current 911 models, while showing some electronic architecture in its upgraded framework. Clearly, Porsche insists on keeping the 911’s classical design consistent in this new range, maintaining its traditional sleek look. The change may be subtle, but we aren’t complaining!

While some sources guess that the new 911 would become an electronic hybrid, like the new Panamera, others say that this hybridization is likely to occur in the years to come, along with fully turbocharged models. The electronic architecture in this upcoming range may allow for hybridization in the future, so Porsche may not be joining Mission E just yet. Some trusty spies have also spotted added internal features of the new 911 during one of Porsche’s test runs with their disguised prototypes. These interior features appear to include a digital screen and a reorganization of the buttons from the dashboard, which are relocating to the center console. The new model even appears to have a new cup holder (finally)!

New 911 Turbo Spotted

Recently, the new 911 Turbo was spotted testing on public roads in Germany during snowing conditions by some photographers who managed to capture a few action shots. The black beauty was caught careening around an icy bend, showing off some new features under its partial disguise. In the captured images, we can see some wide wheel arches, a more sharpened front, a top of the range canvas convertible and a much larger rump, topped with a chunky rear spoiler. The snapshots also show a rather low set bumper and number plate, along with an integrated exhaust tail. New taillights have also been added, and this design, which is usually seen on most of Porsche’s 4-wheel drives. This is not something entirely new, but as we know, Porsche is keeping the traditional style of full width lighting.

When it comes to horsepower, the previously upgraded Turbo and Turbo S were both fitted with 3.8-liter engines, modified to produce 592 and 630 horse power. Some sources reckon that the engine will now shrink to 3.0 liters in future Turbo models, but we cannot say for sure! The new 911 models are however still increasing their engine standards, with most models averaging around 400bhp or more.

Porsche 911 Shows and Sales

We await in anticipation for more details to be revealed, so hold onto your horses! The new range may unveil itself and all its glory in the upcoming Paris Motor Show (October, 2018). Regarding sales, some sources have argued that the Carrera 2S and Carrera 4S Coupe deliveries will surface in Feb 2019, along with the Carrera 2S and 4S Cabriolet around April, 2019. The 911 Turbo and Carrera GTS has been argued to appear in 2020.

There will naturally be convertible versions of the Carrera, the Carrera S and Turbo S models, with rear wheel drive options too. Hangout with us to stay tuned for more information to be released on our website!

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