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porsche hangout 3 Years Free Charging After You Buy A Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan promises to be a sleek machine. Expected to be released this year, it’s pleasing to see Porsche bringing Electrify America into their plans on this operation. Together they are performing a stellar job. There will be widespread updated charging stations available nationwide. These stations are necessary in supporting the new capabilities that the Taycan will be bringing to the market

See… The Porsche Taycan will be unique in its ability to support 350-kw charging at 800 volts. This brings the charge speed much closer to the refuel speed of a gas engine. The charge speed comes down to gaining 60 miles of range, in four minutes. But before we get into this exciting development, let’s look back at how Porsche got here.

A Brief History Of Porsche’s Electric Path

Ferdinand Porsche presented the Lohner-Porsche in 1900. This was an electric vehicle holding a range of 31 Miles. Porsche vehicles have also been available as hybrid models since 2010. It was also the first premium vehicle manufacturer to offer plug-in models, which began in 2013 with plug-in hybrids. The 918 Spyder showed a sports cars V8 engine, being complemented by two electric motors on the front and rear axles. Now in 2019, the Taycan will be the first purely electric Porsche. While fulfilling the expectations of this manufacturer that we love.

Porsche vs Tesla

Porsche will be using PSM for the Taycan. Permanently excited synchronous motors were born into the racing scene, as comes with the Porsche bloodline. Matter of fact, they have been used in the 919 Hybrid race car, having now been developed into a purely electronic vehicle. They were able to get more copper into their coil machines, increasing power and torque, which made this a possibility.

Tesla has been marked as a family sedan that could rival a sports car. As a result, there is considerably more space in a Model S. Tesla have even shown how a twin mattress could comfortably fit once the back seats are dropped.

Where price is concerned, the Taycan does well as a rival. Possibly getting the better of Tesla, as the Taycan is expected to start in the $75,000 to $85,000 range. We say this because although the current base model Tesla hits this same mark, you would have to fork out $135,000 to get a slight improvement on the torque and power that comes with the entry level Taycan.

Naturally, Porsche have designed a beautiful electric vehicle. Not so much as rivaling a Model S, but more so being a sleeker, punchier, sportier electric vehicle, when compared to the Model S. Tesla have been the giants of the electric vehicle (EV) game for years now. The Taycan is 100% providing something sweeter and different, for both Porsche enthusiasts, and enthusiasts of EV’s.

​​​​​​So, Why Free Charging?

The approach of this free charging plan, is actually part of a three way power network for the launch of the Taycan. The other two aspects would be the same kind of updated stations being brought to Porsche dealerships, and offering home charging technology. Porsche has a one up here, in that a company like Tesla does not have any dealerships. Being able to charge your Taycan at a Porsche dealership, will enrich the comradery that comes with being an enthusiast.

Now, it is important to know that these 3 years of free charging are included in the price. Porsche are likely trying to ensure that bringing new charging infrastructure and home charging product to the market, does not negatively impact their profit margin too much. In the beginning stages it is likely that this project will not turn profit soon. In all, we think Porsche are pulling an interesting move here, and look forward to seeing how they influence the EV market in years to come.

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