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porsche hangout 5 Reasons To Buy A Porsche

If you’re reading this, chances are you love Porsche. You probably own or have owned at least one of their moving works of art. However, we need to consider the uninitiated… Perhaps you’ve never owned a Porsche and are thinking about it. Good news! There is no time like the present when it comes to buying one. Let’s take a look at five reasons why it may be a good idea:

1.   Good Investment

Let’s face it, the current global and local economic climate are going the same way as the physical one. The new war in Ukraine, COVID recession, and logistics issues don’t make it any easier. Many of us are wondering where we could put our money safely? Porsche is one of the few performance vehicles that can claim to have a strong resale value. Instead of declining in value, many Porsches do the exact opposite. Interestingly this trend has been increased by the gradual transition of vehicles to hybrid or electric powertrains. As Porsche discontinues more of its internal combustion products, their value increases. Now has never been a better time to own a Porsche. (We doubt you’d get as much fun out of investing in gold.)

2.   Porsche For Everyone

The idea that Porsche makes tiny cars that go very fast is super 1960’s. Time for a wake-up call. There is a Porsche for everyone… Do you want a safe car to go road tripping in? Or do you find roads boring and would rather go off them? Perhaps you want an EV? There’s even a Porsche for that!

3.   Easy To Maintain

Due to its wide market reach and popularity, a Porsche is no Aston Martin. Parts are widely available and dare we say it? Porsche maintenance is reasonably affordable. While this means that you won’t be able to talk expense over brandy and cigars it does mean you could afford that trip to Majorca. Even older vehicles have a strong fan base and are easy to keep on the road.

4.   Race Car Technology

Porsches are designed with performance in mind, so a lot of their racing pedigree is available on the street. There is a massive community of tuners who specialize in making go fast, go faster. (Foreign Affairs Motorwerks is one example.) Heck, there are even some companies that only manufacture performance parts for Porsche. From chip tuning solutions to aftermarket intakes and air dams… If you can imagine it, it’s probably available on a Porsche.

5.   Better Than Flying

There are few places that can get to with a car that you couldn’t get to with a jet, except faster. However, do you really want the slot machine airport experience? Do you want to be cooped up in a tin can with random people? We thought so. There is nothing quite like a good road trip for clearing the mind and helping you think straight again. So what are you waiting for? Knock some of the COVID dust of them tires and go see more of the USA!

Hopefully, we’ve given you a few things to think about… That’s what we’re about here at Porsche Hangout. After all, there are few marques with such an iconic history still alive today. Booker T. was right when he wrote ‘Time Is Tight’. In a Porsche, you can make each second count.

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