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porsche hangout Cabriolet or Coupe – What Suites You?

Coupe vs Cabriolet | Which is Your Style?

The 911 body

The iconic 911 started as a coupe, and it has been the coupe that has gained all the fame, but when it comes to the body type, if you don’t like the coupe, there are other options. Porsche first added the Targa, which had a removable roof, but still had the pillars behind the door to hold the car rigid. Without them the performance, handling and safety of the car were subpar. Finally, in 1983, Porsche was able to design a cabriolet version of the 911, so now there are three options for prospective 911 buyers, but since Targa has fallen out of favor with most buyers, we are going to focus on the other two more popular versions.

The Coupe

The Coupe is the iconic 911, no matter what model 911 you get you are guaranteed to get the most power and performance out of the coupe version. Let’s compare the base 2017 Carrera model’s coupe and cabriolet versions for interest sake:

The coupe costs $89,400, for that you get a Twin-turbo Boxer 6 engine. It has a 3.0l displacement and 370hp, the top speed is 183mph and it 0-60mph in 4.4s. These are quite impressive numbers and it is obvious why someone would want one. But is it enough?

The fact of the matter is that solid frame cars are more rigid than cabriolets, they have better handling, performance and are safer. If you want to splurge a little without sacrificing these aspects, you could add a sunroof, which would give you some sense of the sun above you and the wind hurtling past.

The Cabriolet

The Cab has the same engine; it also has the same dimensions as the coupe. Where it differs, other than the obvious, is that it is slightly heavier (3,307 lbs. vs 3,153 lbs.). This added weight is from the mechanisms needed to close and store the fabric roof. It was a negative effect on performance with a top speed of 181mph and 0-60mph in 4.6s. Though for the casual buyer these are negligible differences. The real difference is the price, $101,700. This is a large step up from the coupe where the only real difference is the roof.

So how is it driving with the roof down? Well, it is reported that due to the large tires, on both the coupe and cabriolet, the driving experience is quite pleasant and not too loud, and because the top is down there is arguably much more room in the backseat. This is great especially since the back of the car is cramped for anyone who isn’t a small child.

Which is better?

This question really can only be answered by you, but in essence there are two big aspects that need to be considered. How much are you willing to spend and how important is luxury to you?

The coupe is cheaper by a large margin, while still handling better and having a better power to weight ratio. If you can’t splurge, then look no further. You will have the 911 of your dreams, but if you have a little more money to spend and you are more of a leisure driver then the cabriolet is for you. Nothing beats an exhilarating sunset drive with the top down.

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