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Get Track Day Ready: A Driver’s Guide

Finally, your day has come! You’re participating in a driver education track day. You have been itching to hit the tarmac and burn some rubber by going to the track to learn how to handle your vehicle like the precision machine it is. All the anticipation makes you feel like a child again. But, now is the time to make sure that you haven’t forgotten any part of the preparation. Are you sure that you have done the extra things that you need to do to be better equipped?

To make sure your excitement doesn’t overwhelm you into forgetting any part of the important prep work, we have put together a list of all the steps needed by you in order to participate in a driver education track day. With a load of information out there, what we have created is a quick reference summary of what you need to know. And it basically boils down to two compartments of preparation; yourself and your car.

Some tips for getting your car ready for track day.
In preparing your car you must go through the following steps:

  • Have your vehicle inspected by a qualified professional no more than 30 days before your track day
  • Check all four of your tires and brake pads for wear and get hem fixed and changed if needs be

Driving an automobile around a race track is a serious task and you want your vehicle in tip top shape. Safety is of utmost importance at a track day. Your car will go through a rigorous inspection before track day. Brake pads and fluid, suspension components, tires, steering components, wheel bearings, brake lights, pedals, wiper blades, rear view mirrors, engine and transmission mounts, battery mount, headlights and brake lights, and seat belts will all be checked. Safety begins way before you arrive at the track and it doesn’t finish once you have left. You may also want to check with your vehicle insurance company to be sure they will cover any damage. Before the event search through the interior of your car and remove any item that can move. Flying around sharp turns you really don’t want anything finding its way underneath your pedals. Also remove any unfixed articles from the trunk as they could dent the body work of your car. Last but not least, top up your tank and other fluids in your car so as not to have to do any filling up on track day.

Some tips for getting yourself ready.
Preparing yourself requires that you obtain, fill out, and administer all required forms necessary and pay all fees due. Prepare your attire, make sure you are comfortable and clothing is not too baggy. Bring a jacket in case of cold and be sure to wear closed shoes. Sun screen is recommended if needed. Be sure that your helmet meets the track standards as it will be inspected at the track. Set your alarm; make sure you don’t run late for your meeting at the track as you need to present your car for trackside inspections if you wish to be allowed on the track. Once the paper work and other necessities are done it’s a matter of getting a good night’s rest before track day as it is a full day of physical and mental exertion and you are essentially there to learn some incredible new skills.

It’s tough not to let nervous excitement cloud your planning, make sure everything is done so you can really enjoy your day. At the track try to relax you are not there to be judged but to learn, and it’s sure you will find the instructors very helpful. Be safe and have fun.

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