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The Facts Behind Incredible Porsche

For all of us Porsche fanatics, knowledge on the Porsche motoring brand is something similar to second nature. Even so, some truly fascinating tips and lesser known facts are laying all about.

Confused? Check the Wheels.
Porsche designs continue to stay close to the fine details which made the 911 so iconic. As a result, telling the different 911 models apart can be tricky. To the average onlookers, even telling a Boxster apart from a 911 may be an issue.

A handy trick is to know how to differentiate the wheel design for the different models. Knowing the 1966 five-leaf rim from the 911 s will make you more clued up on Porsches from that era. The print on the current 20 inch rim on a 2016 GT3 RS will tell you that it is an RS and not a standard 911 GT. It’s also fun to know that in many cases the rims were not just designed based on looks, but played substantial roles in performance. The 1966 five-leaf was designed to assist with braking and cooling. As a result the lifespan for your tires was extended as well. In some cases, the rim may even pose as a visual link to another Porsche model, especially if they were released in the same year.

The Porsche Club of America
Formed in 1956, the Porsche club of America became a reality through the initiative of Bill Sholar. After buying his first Porsche – a 1953 356 Coupe – Bill wished to interact with other enthusiasts on a more personal level. Starting with 189 members in 1956, the size of membership has expanded to 107 000 in 2016.

The club holds monthly events. These include casual gatherings with scenic drives, competitions, and a chance to show off your car. Furthermore, technical talks by famous Porsche technicians and engineers are often organized as well. Racing events also take place, with autocross being the most common form. Lastly, the club hosts a parade once a year – their biggest event.

Besides the events, members also receive benefits through the club. Special deals on insurance would be one of them. Members also gain access to an exclusive marketplace for other members looking to trade. There is also a Porsche Technical Q&A forum available to members.

The Mission E
The mission E concept was the 1st all electric 4-seater sports car built by Porsche. It was a concept car that no doubt made some fine accomplishments in its design. Its engine operated on double the voltage of most electric-powered vehicles. Using the Porsche Turbo charging system it was possible to reach 80% charge in 15 minutes. When fully charged it is capable of a 310 mile driving range. The concept car controls 600hp and could do 60mph in under 3.5 seconds. Along all of this, its physical aesthetic is outstanding.

Active Aerodynamics
Active Aerodynamics was introduced with the release of the 2014 911 and 911 S models. The cars held both a rear and front (lip below the front bumper) spoiler, which would actively change shape as you drive. Over-all, the aim was to actively change the shape of the car. When travelling at speeds below 120km/h both spoilers are fully retracted. Once the car is brought above that mark, the front spoiler begins to extend and the rear spoiler begins to rise. Each spoiler will rise, tilt and retract based on speeds travelled. Putting the car in sports mode will also have an effect.

Ultimately Porsche truly is a fascinating, world class brand. They will forever remain trendy, passionate, experimental, and encouraging of camaraderie amongst their fans.

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