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porsche hangout The Iconic Nature of the Porsche 911


The Fantastic Porsche 911

Since it’s unveiling at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in 1963, the Porsche 911 (originally the “Type 901”) has been an iconic automobile. It’s slick appearance, high performance, and lightweight design has been exceptional from the start. Changes made through time were always done with class and respect to the initial blueprint. At a closer look, what were the key factors that have made it so iconic?

Most teenage boys are able to sketch the Porsche 911 clean from memory. Maybe even add all the slight design changes occurring over time. Here at Porsche Hangout we certainly cannot blame them. We are all capable of doing the exact same.

Designed by Erwin Komenda, the curves on this machine do deserve their just credits. The shape of this vehicle certainly is iconic. Its initial rear wheel drive design made it all the fiercer once in motion, while maintaining its elegance when kicking grit and dust into the air.

The Porsche brand is the only German name to focus solely on luxury sports vehicles. Perhaps that is why the design came out so unique. It has shown to be perfect for how the vehicle has continued to grow. There was no influence of a sedan or four door saloon which the brand had produced in the past. The shape and size is also very unique and competitive with the Italian sports car brands – its fiercest competitors.

The original Porsche 911 of ‘63 produced 128 brake horsepower. Speed up to the present day where the 2016 Porsche 911 Turbo belts out 542 brake horsepower at 6400 rpm.

Substantial improvements have constantly been made to this machine. Fact is that the foundation of this vehicle remained sturdy since its 1963 unveiling. Having weighed in at 1080 kg back then, it packed on another 515 kilograms on its journey towards the present day. An extra 515 kilograms in 53 years is fine considering the 414 horsepower which was added to the cavalry. Those slight weight adjustments would also help with the car’s handling. That wild back section of the older models was surely unsuitable for the majority of the driving public. Personally, taming that power would be a pleasure. Strapping on driving gloves is a little obsolete should your hands be free from any strain. All the while, any vehicle which could handle at a blissful ease while maintaining high speeds is no doubt a pleasure.

No stranger to the big screen, the 911 has played stern roles in blockbuster hits such as Bad Boys and Risky Business. The 911 has also been a hit within the popular Showtime series Californication. Its vintage feel does certainly compliment the cheeky nature of protagonist Hank Moody.

Well what about off-screen? To keep it motoring related, the 911 RSR which debuted in 2013 has made substantial accomplishments within the racing circuit. So much so to where it is actually the most successful GT race car of recent years. 21 wins and 8 championship titles across 72 races, it has indeed proved to be no joke.

The Porsche 911 certainly began a crazy epidemic for itself upon its release. A model of a car that has been going this strong for 53 years is no joke at all. From all of us here at Porsche Hangout, we salute this vehicle. We also have our eyes open to the many more years of excellence that are to come.

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