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porsche hangout Valentine’s Gifts for the Porsche Lover in Your Life

Porsche giftsGrand Gift Ideas for Porsche Enthusiasts

For the true Porsche aficionado, their relationship with this revered marque evokes many of the same emotions associated with a romantic relationship; there’s a sense of nostalgia when reflecting on years gone by, a feeling of escapism when you’re alone with your special one, and an undeniable, burning desire when the hottest new model makes an appearance in your life.

So, this Valentine’s Day, you can feed your partner, friend or family member’s love of the Porsche brand with a number of excellent Porsche-branded gifts and memorabilia.

CG Lock performance add-on (for seatbelts)
Unless your Porsche-loving significant other is fortunate enough to have access to a GT3 RS, chances are that those early morning blasts they enjoy so much are accompanied without the comfort of a three-point harness. The CG-lock is an add-on that can be fitted to any Porsche with regular seatbelts, helping to keep the driver even more securely fastened in their seat. It’s said to provide around 80% of the holding power of a full racing harness. They can be had from Amazon for just $59.99.

Martini racing flip-flops
Porsche sports cars are known for many things, but traversing sandy shores isn’t quite one of them. This gift idea means you can enjoy a little piece of your beloved Porsche brand even on the beach – these racy flip flops with embossed logo will stand out from the hundreds of other pairs doing the rounds in summer. A simple, sporty and relatively inexpensive gift idea; get them here.

PTS Ultralight Luggage M
It’s time to take it up a notch (or several!). Is your Porsche lover a regular traveler that hates to leave their car behind at the airport? In this case, a piece of designer Porsche luggage is the ultimate gift. Made with meticulous attention to detail, this case comes with a masculine black design with red detailing and weighs just 3.2kg. You can get it here.

Porsche Mousepad
The Porsche Mousepad is made from the same, original leather as the vehicle interior, bringing the tactile sensation from the driver’s seat to your home office. It is shaped in the form of the Porsche crest and is available from the Porsche Driver’s Selection shop. Complement this with a Porsche design computer mouse for a gift set that will make settling down at your desk on a Monday morning that much more joyful.

Porsche bookend
Constructed from an original Porsche brake disc, here’s a bookend that will literally put a stop to your beloved novels going tumbling to the floor. The bookend is enhanced with support surfaces that are rubber-lined, as well as black-coated steel. But really, its main selling point is its unbelievably cool appearance.

Sports rucksack
The Porsche lover on-the-go needs a versatile bag that’s as sporty, sophisticated and usable as his car. This rucksack comes in black and features a special opening for your headphone cables, eliminating wires messily hanging around your shoulders. Plus, there are water-repellant zips to keep your valuables protected. Find it here, along with several other Porsche design bags, depending on your needs.

With one (or more) of these slick Porsche accessories as a Valentine’s Day gift, you can be sure to make the Porsche lover in your life very happy indeed. Yes, Porsche is a maker of sports cars, but beyond this it is an aspirational brand that can also be ‘lived’ at home, at the gym or at the office. Happy shopping!

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