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porsche hangout Have You Met The Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo?

With elements of familiarity, the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo is distinguishably a new generation piece of Porsche ingenuity. The Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo is recognizably a creation of the future but holds true to the Porsche bloodline. Porsche’s latest addition to the crossover family is a hot topic amongst sports car enthusiasts and we’re about to tell you why. Porsche are known for testing boundaries. After all, they rank right up there with the most popular sports cars in the world. With the utility and function of a SUV, but the all the elements of sports car, this sustainable and environmentally friendly beauty is a natural fit for an active lifestyle.

Let’s Talk About Porsche Design

porsche-mission-e-exteriorRecognizably a Porsche descendant you’ll be familiar with its curved wings and flat hood section. Four-point daytime running lights along with the headlights are fitted with LED matrix units which are seamlessly integrated into the hood. Like the Porsche 911 and Panamera Sport Turismo, the E Cross Turismo has vertical air inlets around the front for optimal dynamics.

The car measures almost 5 meters in length and 1.99m wide. Indeed, a big vehicle. Highlighting its sporty aesthetic, the door handles are flush against the surface and fold out upon your approach, automatically. To improve charging capabilities the charging points are placed on either side of the car (both the driver and the passenger side) and are stylishly integrated into the exterior design of the car.

The continuous light strip on the rear of the car contributes to its quick Porsche recognition with an aerodynamic diffuser that makes way for improved stability on the road. The space in the rear makes all kinds of adventures possible. Wide tires paired with a lightweight aluminum rim contribute to its multi-terrain capabilities.

Interior Design

porsche-mission-e-interiorBuilt with the driver in mind, the interior caters to a digital world where complete control is at your fingertips. Having ample space where you’ll usually find the transmission tunnel, you’ll notice a more spaced out and lighter feel within the cabin space.

The air conditioning vents function entirely with zero slats which further attributes to the amount of detail that has been placed on the design. These vents are controlled by an intelligent touch function, making the design that much sleeker.

Built as a honeycomb structure, the end-to-end glass roof extends across the entire roof from the windscreen to the tailgate which adds to the spacious feel of the interior. The roof is coated in a special material so although the sun is always with you on your journey, thermal radiation is filtered so that excessive heat is not a problem. Air conditioning is then enhanced on the interior. In order to match the driving capabilities of the vehicle, Porsche have fitted bucket-type racing seats, with headrests that are slim and sleek. Better yet, the backseat area is furnished to load your sporting equipment.

User Experience

porsche-mission-e-dashboardThe large, horizontal dashboard with its extra-wide display takes care of the drivers needs while keeping safety in mind. The positioning of the display is situated to mirror the driver’s requirements with fast and distraction-free interaction. The curved display is extra-wide and consists of 3D touch in the center console. Although this is designed for safety, with access for the driver in mind, the capabilities allow the passenger to handle interaction as well.

Probably one of the most mindful additions to the E Cross Turismo is the head-up display which projects key journey information directly into the driver’s field of vision. This allows the driver to focus on the road ahead, and driving of course, but still benefit from the advanced capabilities often needed while driving. Relevant information like speed, range driving time, performance and statistics (navigation, connect functions and infotainment) are always in view by using eye tracking. This information is brought up by a glance at the display. Smart touch controls on the steering wheel allow for ease of access, comfort and safety.

Running low on energy? Porsche Connect conveniently shows you the nearest charging pedestals in close vicinity, further into your journey or at your headed destination. The Porsche Charging service takes care of your charging needs across the country without needing to register with the provider and payment processes can be done from the Porsche Destinations App. For home charging, you can make use of the Porsche Universal Charger which can be installed where you park your car.


porsche-mission-e-grand-turismoFour doors, four individual seats, flexible interior and all the space you need for your everyday adventures and beyond. Confident on exploration terrain, the E Cross Turismo boasts rock rails along with a rear spoiler, a rear diffuser with off-road applications, a robust chassis with heightened ground clearance and a spacious luggage compartment. On-demand E-all-wheel drive means there’s nowhere you can’t go. Built with spontaneity in mind, 800-volt technology means you’ll get 400kms from a quick 15-minute charge. Barely audible at 600hp, you can hit 0-62mph in under 3.5 seconds and 0-124mph in 12 seconds, which is impressively fast. Added to that, continuous power is within reach. With zero hesitation between acceleration, performance remains the same through the PSM high-performance drive, with exceptionally high levels of output consistency on the front and rear axle.

We’re yet to meet such a beautiful crossover that is so well-equipped with every driver in mind – the sports car enthusiast, technology fundi’s, adventure seekers and families.

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