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porsche hangout How To Prepare Your 911 GT3 RS For Track Day

The 911 GT3 RS is one of the greatest Porsche’s ever produced. It’s a thoroughbred race car that thrives on the open racetrack. Although excellent on suburban roads, the 911 GT3 RS was designed to excel in the motor sport arena. If you’re planning your GT3 RS for a track day, there are some key considerations to optimize its handling and performance. Get these key adjustments right, and you’ll be all set for an incredible day at the track. Here’s a look at how to prepare your 911 GT3 RS for greatness.

A General Pre-Track Inspection

Before we get into specifics, it’s important to ensure that your GT3 RS is track-ready. The last thing you want on the track is a little hose leak or brake shudder. To cover all your bases, it’s best to book your Porsche in at a trusted performance facility. Once your car has been thoroughly checked, then it’s time to look at some custom adjustments to make your GT3 track-ready. Remember that the Porsche 911 GT3 RS has been designed with the track in mind. This means that there may not be considerable changes required, but rather optimal adjustments and modifications.

Optimize Your Suspension

Suspension plays a big role in your car’s handling. The good news is that your GT3 RS is already calibrated to give you a good experience on the track. There are however some considerations when it comes to firmness levels. Porsche recommends that your rebound and compression be set to 0, which is the factory setting. The lower the number, the less stiff, and the higher the number, the stiffer your suspension will be. A +4 setting, for instance, is the stiffest setting for your suspension. If you’re after a very firm drive, then you may want to increase your rebound and compression. Your rebound settings will affect the amount of body roll you experience, so it’s up to the kind of track day experience you’re after.

You can also adjust the rear suspension to stiffer or softer than the front. This plays into the oversteer and understeer dynamics. Be careful not to allow too much oversteer on your Porsche, as well as being cautious of corner-exit understeer. It’s best to consult with your performance facility about the best suspension settings to optimize your track day experience.

Prioritize A Brake Fluid Flush

It’s a good idea to flush your brake fluid every few track days. This is because, over time, brake fluid degrades, especially during track days when high fluid temperatures are maintained. Failing to regularly change your brake fluid can also cause the water content in your fluid to increase. This is because brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air. The more water in your fluid, the higher the chance of your fluid overheating. Chat with your mechanic about getting a high-temperature formulated brake fluid for optimum braking performance.


Don’t Forget Your Alignment

Your GT3’s alignment should always be perfectly calibrated for the track. Track driving is aggressive by nature and requires a balanced alignment to help accommodate the force exerted on your car. Chat to your performance facility about adjusting your GT3 RS’s alignment to have extra negative camber. This provides extra traction and stability on the track, to increase the thrill level. High negative camber levels also mean that you may wear through your tires more quickly. Remember that regular alignment checks should form part of your routine Porsche maintenance.


Get A Racing Exhaust Fitted

Exhaust customization is always a fun modification, and the GT3 RS should be no different. Why not customize your exhaust headers, and replace your muffler with a custom pipe section? Adding a straight pipe and x-pipe exhaust tips will enhance the sound of your exhaust to make your GT3 the loudest car on the track.


Safety Inspection & Installation

You should never skimp on safety on the track, and a safety inspection is always recommended before hitting the track. Why not consider installing additional safety equipment on your car? A harness bar or roll cage will instantly up the safety of the driver at hand in the event of a collision or roll. A certified roll cage can be customized to the color you want, which can add nicely to your GT3’s aesthetic. Be sure to include the fire extinguisher attachment on your roll cage for maximum safety. Finally, it’s also wise to invest in racing apparel such as a helmet, gloves, and driving shoes.


Custom Spoiler & Ground Effects

The Porsche 911 GT3 RS is a great contender for custom spoiler uprights on the rear. A custom upright can create less or more downforce as you need it. Usually built from ¼ inch steel plate, a quality upright can support a large amount of downforce. Get your spoiler powder-coated to match your black wheels, and your spoiler will fit in perfectly.

Fancying up the front of your 911 GT3 RS is also a great way to improve performance. Why not consider a carbon fiber front lip or aero kit? The carbon fiber will add a sporty look to your Porsche whilst increasing downward force to improve traction. A ground effects package helps to reduce air pressure beneath your car, which also helps to limit drag. Chat to your trusted performance facility on which ground effects options are best for your GT3 RS.


The 911 GT3 RS Track Day Experts In Pompano Beach

Foreign Affairs Motorwerks is South Florida’s premier performance and race facility. Our team is highly experienced with all European track cars and can offer you a complete maintenance and performance package for your Porsche. As a trusted performance facility since 1978, we are a go-to service facility for more and more European car lovers. We offer Manufacturer-recommended interval services for all Porsche models and also bring a range of performance enhancement features to the table. Call us at 954 -746-0488 to book your Porsche in for a pre-track day service.

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