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porsche hangout Introducing The New Porsche Panamera

Porsche fans will be pleased to know that the luxury car brand has announced an upgrade to its popular Porsche 911 range. From any other company, you would expect drastic changes that make the older model look a little less intriguing, but Porsche is known for consistently crafting beautiful, efficient vehicles with a signature design. The 2020 Porsche Panamera stays true to this with a vehicle that looks as sleek as its predecessor, but has a few high-tech alterations that change the game entirely. It makes way for a gentle revolution and brings about changes that add value to the driving experience and design. Here we take a closer look at the 2020 Panamera and discuss five design changes worth upgrading for.

Following the success of the Porsche 911 Carrera, the 2020’s most noteworthy improvements are:

Enlarged Rear-Wheel Diameter

By enlarging the rear-wheel diameter Porsche has managed to improve the dynamics of the 2020 Panamera. The new Porsche now has 21-inch rear wheels improving all the vehicle’s suspension areas and the overall look of the car. This simple change improves the overall handling to be more neutral and gives drivers a greater feeling of control. Bigger wheels on the 2020 allow for greater stability and grip and an improved driving experience.

Reduced Noise

The new Porsche Panamera does not promise a pin-drop-silent drive, but it does offer a quieter drive when compared to the 911. Focus was placed on reducing the noise from wide rear tires by using more efficient insulation around the rear wheels and by using stiffer rear suspension structures. As a result, drivers can now enjoy the thrum of the flat-six engine without hearing every pebble the wheels touch.

Reduced Emissions

Porsche has set a goal to reduce the emissions of its vehicles and aimed to do so with three main strategies in the 2020. The engine now allows for adjacent valves of a cylinder to open at a different degree to reduce its asymmetrical intake camshafts. Greater focus has been placed on fuel optimization and the 2020 has achieved this. The new filter exhaust system works hard to reduce emissions and has gone as far as developing the hybrid to adapt to any possible change in emission regulations, for the benefit of drivers anywhere in the world.


The 2020 Panamera still has the touchscreen drivers have come to love, but now offers a bigger 10.9-inch screen. The most significant software upgrade is the processing speed. Now, drivers can enjoy real-time traffic information to improve navigation systems. It also allows for improvements to the Apple CarPlay user experience and introduces the Amazon Music smart home function – keeping you connected to your media wherever you are.

Assistance Systems

Porsche has put a lot of focus on enhancing their safety system. The new model offers automatic emergency braking as part of the forward-collision warning. It also comes with improved stability control, making the drive safer in difficult terrain. Blind-spot monitors now have a new Turn-Assist Rear feature that assist with driver vigilance and can spot any moving object under speeds of 9 mph. If that is not enough, the Porsche 2020 comes equipped with traffic sign recognition and a new night-vision camera system with surround-view. All the assistance systems work together to keep those in the car and around it safe.

The new 2020 Porsche Panamera improved driving experience without changing any of the comforts loyal drivers have come to love. It is everything you love in a Porsche, only better!

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