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porsche hangout The New Porsche 718 Cayman

When Porsche unveiled the 718 Boxster, with supercharged engines and enhanced body control, sports car enthusiasts were hoping that it was only a matter of time before the more affordable Cayman received a similar treatment. Come 2016 and the wait is over: Porsche has revealed its new Cayman 718 which, for the first time, gives this coupe model the same engine power as the historically superior Boxster model. The Boxster and Cayman have traditionally shared the same exterior design, with the former sporting a unique opening roof, yet the models are placed in very different price brackets: The Cayman frequently labelled the more affordable and ‘balanced’ option for first time Porsche owners. The German sports car manufacturer have decided not to break with tradition and have instead positioned the two much-loved models even closer together, with an almost identical set-up under the hood. This is not to say that Cayman 718 will have no visible tweaks or facelifts; in fact, the car has received some good-looking updates which prove Porsche is still at the top of their design game.

Under the hood
The most exciting news about the revamped Cayman 718 is definitely the supercharged engine, which allows this fan-favorite to compete with the speed and torque of the Boxster’s four-cylinder flat engine. Instead of the 3.4-liter atmospheric boxer sixes featured in the previous Cayman models, the new 718 offers a selection of turbo fours which provides up to 350 hp in the S model. What this extra power translates to is an impressive 0-to-60 time of about 4.5 seconds. The new engine is not the only improvement hidden underneath the hood of the 718: the new Cayman model boasts improved chassis and completely re-designed springs and stabilizers, which have been included for a firmer and smoother ride. The steering has been re-mastered to be around 10 percent more direct, which will greatly improve the vehicle’s agility and the fun of driving down winding roads. In addition to these comfort and per

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