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New Tires to Give Your Classic Porsche a Boost

As complex a piece of machinery as an automobile is and as much as it has been revolutionized, one of the few aspects of it that have remained unchanged are that your tires remain the sole link between the vehicle and the road surface. Whether you drive a compact hatchback or a Porsche Panamera Turbo, the area covered by each tire on the road is merely postcard-sized. Very little space, then, but a lot can go wrong if you haven’t specified the correct tires for your vehicle, or if you have not kept them in good condition.

Great, but what about finding the right tire for my classic Porsche?
There are many reasons for keeping your classic Porsche safely secured in the garage. Of course, you want to preserve the (hopefully) original condition of your pride and joy for as long as possible. A more real concern is dealing with the scarcity of parts for your classic, especially as she ages, and this is also true for tire availability. In too many cases, owners are forced to compromise by using the closest alternative to the originally specified tire.

Thankfully, together with Pirelli, Porsche has introduced a range of new tires for older Porsche models. With about 70 percent of all Porsches ever made still in a drivable condition, this makes perfect sense. The new generation of model-specific tires not only satisfies the requirements of the models wearing them, but they also benefit from advances made on the technological front. The result? Tires you can confidently rely on to best complement the performance characteristics and abilities of your classic Porsche.

Which older Porsche models are catered for?
With 32 new tire recommendations, various Porsche models introduced between 1959 and 2005 can be specified with a new set of tires. Included on the list is the Boxster 986, the 356 model series (B and C only), and the 911 (G model, 964, 993, and the 996).

By combining the appearance of the original tires with the dynamic properties of modern technology and design, the new tires represent the best possible option for your older Porsche model. They even have the original profile patterns incorporated into their design. Porsche claims much more balanced driving characteristics from the new range of tires than was possible when these models were initially launched. Impressive rolling resistance figures as well as high grip levels can be expected. You can also look forward to good grip levels in wet conditions and, because they are quieter, lower noise levels – the latter is a welcome positive considering that older Porsche models are not as well insulated as newer versions.

Visible on all of these new tires is the official quality seal by Porsche, just for that extra bit of reassurance that the marque has been meticulously involved in developing these products. All in all – with winter and summer tire versions considered as well as the various sizes – nearly 300 individual new tires are now available from any Porsche Center or Classic Partner.

If you own a classic Porsche and intend on kitting it out with a set of these new tires, we’d love to hear your feedback on whether your car’s performance has improved. You can let us know by sharing your experience on our Facebook page.

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