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Porsche 917 vs Porsche 911 GT2RS Race

The Grand Tour, James May looks back at the incredible story of the Porsche 917, and puts it to the test having legendary Dickie Atwood race the 917 against Neel Jani and the Porsche 911 GT2RS.

A morning at Porsche West Broward

While looking around at Porsche West Broward’s showroom thismorning I shot this small video to give you an idea of some of the 911’s that I simply love. Enjoy

Quick 9 Step Spring Car Cleaning

Larry Kosilla, the founder of AMMO NYC is simply my favorite car detail guy around. This Quick 9 Step Spring Car Cleaning video is something that will help all Porsche Hangout subscribers with their car detailing needs. A little more about Larry: He owns a 964 (and you really need to see his 964 “Most…


Just in from Automotive Mike, the sound of love is in the air 🙂

Porsche 718 Boxster and Cayman T

The release of the 718 Boxster T and Cayman T, are a sports car fanatic’s dream come true. The ‘T’ (standing for ‘Touring’ and not ‘Turbo’ as many may assume) creates a class of Porsche vehicles made for journeys. This results in some dynamic changes from the standard entry-level 718 models, creating an intermediate option…

718 Cayman GT4 2020 – Prototype

This Cayman GT4 is believed to be the 2020 718 in disguise!

1986 911 Outlaw that ROCKS

Take a look at Alex’s 1986 Outlaw – No expense spared, personally my dream outlaw car, I just love everything about it. If you had the chance to build an Outlaw car what options would make sure you have?

One Take from DRT 2019

Bobby Varela from Foreign Affairs Motorsport shows us a few cars that they had on display at DRT 2019

Porsche 911 (992) Adaptive Aerodynamics

Ready for the race track as much as the city. The new Porsche 911 comes equipped with adaptive aerodynamics, a multi-stage system that delivers the very best driving experience at any speed. Watch this video to discover how it works.

Porsche Navigation Moves To Mapbox

The pace of today has turned driving into a tedious task, making cars less attractive in the future as a means of mobility. Navigation has always been about the shortest route and fastest ETA, but Porsche Navigation is attempting to change this. With Porsche, navigation is about the driving experience – an enjoyable experience. Porsche…