Porsche Hangout

One Take from DRT 2019

Bobby Varela from Foreign Affairs Motorsport shows us a few cars that they had on display at DRT 2019

Porsche 911 (992) Adaptive Aerodynamics

Ready for the race track as much as the city. The new Porsche 911 comes equipped with adaptive aerodynamics, a multi-stage system that delivers the very best driving experience at any speed. Watch this video to discover how it works.

Porsche Navigation Moves To Mapbox

The pace of today has turned driving into a tedious task, making cars less attractive in the future as a means of mobility. Navigation has always been about the shortest route and fastest ETA, but Porsche Navigation is attempting to change this. With Porsche, navigation is about the driving experience – an enjoyable experience. Porsche…


From a dead start to a rolling race, this 911 Turbo S is simply awesome! Watch this video to the end, Porsche simply dominates. 10.3seconds for the 1/4 mile is pretty astounding.

Production Surges For Porsche Taycan

With the term eco-friendly being on the tips of everyone’s tongue for the past 10 to 15 years, it is the norm for us to reuse and recycle. What hasn’t become the norm is having an eco-friendly vehicle. At least until a few years ago, now all major car manufacturers are involved in making their…

Getting To Grips With The Porsche 911 Speedster

The Porsche 911 Speedster Concept is the German carmaker’s special gift to itself, as it celebrates its 70th anniversary. The sexy open-top car will be hitting the market in early 2019. Exactly 1,948 models will be made, in honor of the year the brand was born. 1948 marks the year the first Porsche, the 356 ‘No. 1’Roadster,…

Is Porsche Really Dropping Diesel Vehicles?

It is true; Porsche AG has ditched diesel vehicles forever. CEO, Oliver Blume confirmed it in a recent press release, making Porsche the first German carmaker to drop diesel-fueled engines. The End of an Era For many years, governments favored diesel over petrol. It was believed to be better for the environment, but the VW…

Porsche Rentals Taking Your Driving Experience To A New Level

Making the decision to buy a new Porsche can be tough, due to the sheer number of models available from the Stuttgart manufacturer. To help make this decision easier, Porsche has recently announced Porsche Passport, a service where you can rent Porsches for short term, letting all Porsche fanatics get their hands-on various Porsche models…