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porsche hangout Porsche 911: One Car to Do It All

Ever since I’ve owned a Porsche, I’ve always had them as my daily driver, still today I find it hard or more appropriately put, I find it irresistible to simply leave my 911 twin turbo sitting in the garage when I need to go somewhere. I’m fortunate enough to have a choice between a few cars that we own in my family, from a Toyota Tacoma to a Honda CRV and even at one point a second 911 Carrera. I always find myself arguing with myself (in my head of course) saying, should I take the 911 or not? Invariably I land up driving the 911 out the garage door. Simply put I find it to truly be the supercar that does it all. From picking up the shopping to dropping of the kids at hockey (Yes I can fit a complete Ice Hockey kit in the trunk, with the stick between the passenger and rear seats) I guess I’m not the only one that uses his/her 911 every day, a car I look forward to driving before and after going to an event or even so simply doing the mundane chores in life, like shopping at the local mall.

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