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The eighth-generation Porsche 911 holds the very essence of its predecessor but has its own bragging rights.

Revamped to give even more power, the 3-liter six-cylinder boxer engine in the Porsche 992 is but one of the notable upgrades in the model. Built for optimization, the Porsche 992 considers performance, torque curve, improved stability, power, and response. Unmistakably a successor of the Porsche 911 seventh-generation, the 992 holds its own with subtle exterior changes to the body of the car. With added efficiency, this is exactly what we needed from Porsche for their latest release.

What’s Changed In the Porsche 992?

porsche 992

Porsche seems to have hung onto the 911’s familiar geometry with few changes to the exterior. While maintaining the short wheelbase as its predecessor, the 992 body is slightly bigger with front and rear tracks 40 mm wider. This means wider wheels in both width and diameter. Visually, the car appears somewhat wider due to the LED strip light between the taillights. The long rear overhang and front fenders with its lengthy body line remain intact. The aluminum body creates an intensive feel. Albeit slightly meatier, the design detail itself is sharp and fresh.

With few changes to the exterior of the previous generation, the 992 six-cylinder engine has been optimized for power. 530 Nm torque offering between 2,300 – 5,000 rpm. This is 30 Nm more than before.

Between top speed in sixth gear and the newly designed eighth gear, Porsche engineers have designed the gear ratio spread to improve gear matching when shifting to sixth gear. This means that the first gear has a lower gear ratio. This guarantees better matching between turbocharged engines and first gear. This, complemented by a regulated oil pump further reduces consumption in the vehicle by controlling the pressure of all gear shifts and clutch processes, and loss of power is reduced. “Lightening quick shift” systems found in the previous generations of the 911 paves the way for shift performance at high speeds, making gear shifting that much smoother. This is enhanced by the change in control functions with better-coordinated vehicle starting. In Sport Plus mode, these systems are activated when gears are shifted, as is when manually shifting gears.

Cosmetically, the 992 comes with parking cameras that respond incredibly fast to your surroundings. The interior contains a large analog rev counter up front and has a well-balanced usage of technology and physical buttons. Not forgetting comfort, the backseat area can take passengers comfortably.

What’s New In the Porsche 992?

porsche 992

With car manufacturers under constant pressure to do more for the environment, the Porsche 992 boasts a gasoline particulate filter, referred to as the GPF. With enclosed ceramic filters, the GPF uses alternately sealed channels to force exhaust gases through the particulate filter. The particulates are burned off through an automatic regeneration process. The 992 weighs approximately 55 kg more than the 991 due to this added feature but this is justified in the increased performance the uplift engine provides. The power-to-weight ratio is optimized.

Under the lid, the engineers have added new injectors, higher compression, enhanced turbos, and an asymmetrical valve stroke. The intercoolers have been completely redesigned and sit above the engine which expands their area of impact and also, the car’s heat capacity. Being more central under the rear engine cover, the air intake and exhaust are drastically improved. Re-cooling and improved engine efficiency resulted in the air filter being split in two and positioned sideways into the rear mudguards.

On an evolutionary level, the Porsche 992 is a step up from its predecessor, which is no surprise when Porsche gives us something new to marvel over. The Porsche 992 is versatile and comfortable. Without changing the essence of the 911, the Porsche 992 offers subtle exterior edits to make it distinctively unique. With the added torque, lower fuel consumption and greater overall output, the 992 is impressive in its own right.

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