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porsche hangout Porsche Electric Charging Stations Are Expanding

Porsche is on the move to expand its global electric charging network by 900 stations. Porsche’s charging network currently provides access to over 100,000 AC & DC charging stations spread over 20 countries. With electric cars becoming more and more popular across the globe, Porsche is now galloping out of the stalls to add to its global allotment of charging stations. It aims to do this by introducing the ‘Porsche Destination Charging’ program.

Global Coverage

Porsche aims is to establish a global charging network where accessibility is widespread.

Based on Tesla’s successful rollout of a global charging network, Porsche now aims to do the same. In Europe alone, Porsche’s charging network already provides access to countries such as Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. To build on this network, the luxury car brand recently announced that they are expanding their global charging network by 900 stations which will take effect by the end of 2020. The network will then include a total of 1,035 dedicated AC charging stations spread across 20 countries.

Dubbed as the ‘Porsche Destination Charging’ program, Porsche aims to create a new level of global access to charging stations.

Porsche’s Destination Charging Program

This new initiative provides free charging for Porsche owners in different countries. If you own a Porsche Taycan or any plug-in hybrid model, you’ll be able to enjoy a growing network of free charging stations. These charging points are located in selected airports, hotels, shopping malls, museums, sports clubs, and marinas. All locations where a luxury car brand such as Porsche may be driven and parked. Martin Urschel, who is the vice president of smart mobility sales and operations at Porsche had this to say:

“Thanks to ‘Porsche Destination Charging,’ we are adding particularly popular locations to our charging network while also highlighting our claim to be a driver of the expansion of electric mobility. By the end of 2020, we aim to provide a total of 2,000 charging locations.”

Porsche is creating a symbiotic relationship with various service providers by creating preference towards certain hotels and sports clubs. For instance, a Taycan driver is more likely to stay at a hotel that offers free electric charging for their car, than a hotel that doesn’t have this charging facility.

Porsche’s Charging Service App

Porsche’s charging system is bolstered with the inclusion of the Porsche Charging Service App.

Available for IOS and Android, the app makes it easy to locate the nearest charging station. It also assists in enabling the charging process at the station. The app helps with forecasting by providing real-time information on the availability and pricing associated with the charging station. The user simply uses a QR code displayed in the app or a Taycan charging card.

What makes the Taycan a great buy, is the three years of free charging that you receive when you purchase a Taycan. Even if you don’t qualify for free charging, Porsche is aiming to make their charging service affordable with a current off price of €2.50 per month in Germany. It’s good to be aware that actual charging costs are over and above this service fee. It’s handy to remember that these costs are still far below the cost of filling up a vehicle with gas.

Porsche Is On The Move

The “Porsche Destination Charging” network is poised to grow rapidly across the globe. The U.S. alone currently boasts over 300 highway stations across 42 states, and 184 sites housed in 17 metros. And with access to over 49,000 charging ports throughout Europe, the program will only add additional convenience to Porsche Hybrid or Taycan drivers. With plans to extend the network to countries such as Brazil, Porsche is not limiting its sights to only the European or U.S. market.

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