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porsche hangout Porsche Is Extending Warranties In The Wake Of COVID-19

As the world has discovered recently, things can change quickly. Times have become increasingly uncertain with many drastic changes as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. In the wake of COVID-19 Porsche are graciously extending their factory warranties by three months.

So, what does this mean for Porsche owners? How do you know if you qualify for the extended warranty or not? Here are all the ins and outs of Porsche’s COVID-19 extended warranty plan.

New Vehicle Warranties Are Extended 

If your new Porsche warranty was set to expire in March, April, or May of 2020, then you’re in luck. All expiring warranties falling in these three months will be extended by three months.

The example that was provided by Porsche was that if your warranty is set to expire on May 15th for instance, that warranty would now only expire on August 15th. Keep in mind that Porsche’s new car warranty is valid for a minimum of two years. It always begins on the day that the vehicle is delivered to the customer. This extension allows customers to have continued peace of mind by benefiting from an extended period of service on their Porsche.

This has the long-term effect of helping cash-strapped customers to ease back into financial stability without having to worry about costly repairs.

Extended Warranties Are Also Included 

Porsche’s extended-warranty program has been included in this extension. Known as the ‘Porsche Approved Certified Warranty’, the extended program is aimed to start after the standard factory warranty finishes. Remember that Porsche approved warranties for pre-owned cars cover at least 12 months, with an option to extend. Warranty claims can also be made at any Porsche partner throughout the world.

Porsche Finance Lends A Hand Too

Porsche’s financing services will be offering up to six-month extensions on leases that were received through May 31, 2020. It will include payment deferrals of between 30 to 60 days and operates on a case-by-case basis. In certain states, 90-day deferrals on the first payment will be considered as well. Porsche will also add in 1.95% discount on financing rates for up to 60 months. This will be applicable for buyers that qualify up until June 1, 2020.

Porsche’s At Your Service Program

The extended warranties are over and above the ‘Porsche At Your Service’ program (PAYS) which was started as an earlier response to the pandemic. This program makes it easier to buy or service a Porsche from the comfort of your home because it gives the user online options for servicing and sales. This program prevents customers from having to go to an actual dealership and creates additional peace of mind for the consumer. The PAYS program is being offered to an increasing number of customers as it spreads throughout more and more Porsche dealerships.

A Truly Innovative Company 

Porsche’s aim is to provide enthusiasm amongst its customers by providing a free warranty extension that is automatically added on to qualifying Porsche owners. Porsche is proving to be an innovative company by offering an increasing number of serving products that aid Porsche’s customer base when it comes to convenience. Take for instance the three years free charging offer that Porsche introduced for the Taycan in 2019. It’s this continual mode of forward-thinking that will position Porsche to continue winning over an increasing customer base.

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