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porsche hangout Porsche News: The Boxter/Cayman & Macan Both Make 2021’s 10 Best Automobiles

It’s needless to say that Porsche has been absolutely killing it recently. From finishing in the top 10 of luxury car sales in the U.S. in 2019 and 2020, to Taycan’s record EV sales, it shouldn’t be news to hear that Porsche has earned another award with both the 718 Cayman/Boxster models, and the Macan making the Car and Drivers Top 10 list for best automobiles of 2021, bringing Porsche’s number of “10 Best awards” up to 22 since 1998! 

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What Qualifies for the Top 10 List?

Every car featured on the top 10 list must have a price tag of under $90,000. The winning cars from 2020 are all invited back to defend their title, with all the competitors being new models released in the course of 2020 or models that have received substantial upgrades or facelifts. These cars are then pitted against each other until the Top 10 is determined.

What Makes the 718 So Good?

When most people think of a mid-engine sports car, many of us think of Ferrari’s, Lamborghinis and other $100 000+ super cars. What makes the Porsche 718 so good is that it offers all the mid-engine exhilaration and Porsche luxury with a price tag usually reserved for the more traditional front engine rear wheel drive six-cylinder coupes.

The 718 is available as both a hardtop coupe in Cayman form and as a convertible as the Boxster, with a range of engines from the base turbocharged 2.0L flat 4 all the way to 4.0 naturally aspirated flat 6 found in the GTS, the 718 offers a combination for all personalities and price ranges, all wrapped up in a very mature package. Anyone interested in a new sports car would be hard pressed to find a reason not to give the 718 a try.

Porsche’s Silent Savior, The Macan

It’s hard to believe that at the turn of the millennium, Porsche was at the verge of bankruptcy, with their survival hinged on their ability to build cars for other manufacturers, such as the Audi RS2 Avant and the Mercedes-Benz 500E. This all turned around when Porsche announced their first even SUV, the Cayenne. Being the first four door Porsche, it quickly became Porsche’s best-selling car.

Fast Forward to 2015, when the Cayenne was finally dethroned as Porsche’s best-selling car with the introduction of its baby sibling, the Macan. The Macan was released at the very start of the current demand for compact crossover vehicles and offered everything the Cayenne did in a smaller, more affordable package.

Porsche recognized the success of the Macan and has only improved on the formula. While it may look like an SUV, it sure doesn’t drive like one, with many reviewers describing its driving ability and functionality as an “oversized hot hatch”. It corners sublimely, and resists understeer unlike anything else in its segment. While the base model shares a 2.0 inline four TSi engine from Audi, the rest of the range features turbocharged V6 engines, with the range topping GTS and Turbo coming in twin turbo form.

The Macan made the 10 Best list because of the overall package it delivers. It is simultaneously a high riding luxury cruiser, a practical family hauler, a reliable grocery getter and a nimble sports car. The ultimate all-rounder, the Porsche Macan will competently fill any role you need it to.

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