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porsche hangout Porsche News: Is Porsche Making A Cheaper Electric Sedan?

The Taycan has been a smash hit for Porsche with everyone from MotorTrend to Car and Driver rushing to pile praise onto Porsche’s first foray into the electric car market. The latest set of rumors and Porsche news is the Stuttgart automakers plans to take full advantage of their partnership with Audi on the “Premium Platform Electric” platform to introduce a second electric Porsche to the market.

Confirmed Porsche News vs Rumors

What we can confirm is that the Porsche – Audi “Premium Platform Electric” (or “PPE”) platform will debut with the Audi Q6 E-tron later this year and will be followed up by an all-electric offering of the 2023 Macan. It is also understood that Audi is working on an all-electric A4 E-tron model to help make the electric platform more accessible and appealing to the public.

It’s that last bit of information that has the rumor mill turning. Just as the Audi RS E-tron GT used much of the already developed J1 MEB platform of the Taycan, it’s not difficult to believe that Porsche could take the A4 E-tron and the PPE platform to make a full electric model to slot in under the current base model Taycan. Rumors go as far as to claim that the new model will use the “Cajun” nameplate, which has been trademarked by Porsche since 2011.

Autocar, who first broke this story, has chosen to protect their sources, but claim to have it on good authority that Porsche intends to take the upcoming BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3 head on with their new offering. However, at the time of writing, there has been no confirmation from Porsche that a new model has been approved

The Taycan’s MEB Platform Vs The New PPE Platform

For those who are interested in how the new PPE platform differs from the current MEB platform, under which the Taycan’s J1 platform falls. The new PPE platform promises an upgrade to all-wheel steering and air suspension. Audi has mentioned that they plan to include support for 350Kw fast charging and torque vectoring to later PPE models. It is understood that neither Audi nor Porsche plan to stray from the single and dual motor versions in rear – and all-wheel drive configurations of the MEB platform.

Porsche has already committed to introducing electric options to their entire range, even teasing a hybrid 911 by 2030, so it seems almost certain that a new electric sedan will be announced sooner rather than later.

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