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Making the decision to buy a new Porsche can be tough, due to the sheer number of models available from the Stuttgart manufacturer. To help make this decision easier, Porsche has recently announced Porsche Passport, a service where you can rent Porsches for short term, letting all Porsche fanatics get their hands-on various Porsche models

What Is Porsche Passport

Porsche Cars North America has announced Porsche Passport. A pilot program that will allow peer to peer sharing services in test locations across the United states. Porsche Passport consists of two programs, Drive and Host. Each program will allow customers to borrow Porsche vehicles on short term rentals, and various model lines, from the Boxster to the Cayenne, will be available.

  • Drive
    Drive, which will first launch in Atlanta, will be run by Clutch Technologies, will offer a full “white glove concierge delivery service”. This means that once you’ve visited Drive’s website, and have selected your preferred model, Clutch will deliver the vehicle directly to you within two hours of you placing your order. All model lines will be available to rent, with rental periods that vary between a four-hour minimum to recurring weekly rates. The only downside to this service is that will be restrictions in place. Depending on your model selection and loan length, mileage caps will be set in place, with a fee for every mile you’ve driven past your cap. A full break down of prices can be found on Drives website.
  • Host
    Host, which has launched in California and San Francisco, makes use of the car-sharing service Turo. Porsche has come out and said that Host “includes a group of outstanding Turo hosts who have been trained to offer a five-star Porsche experience”. Once you have downloaded the Turo app, you can choose from the vehicles available at the time, with rental periods that range from day to day, to monthly or longer.

What Does This Mean For Owners

Porsche owners can take assurance in knowing that the service is more expensive than buying a Porsche from a dealership. And while the cars used in Porsche Passport will eventually go on sale, they are sure to experience the sale problems faced by all car rental agencies as people are less likely to buy a former rental car due to high mileage and a relative unknown driver history, which will protect the resale value of your car. The most appealing aspect of the program is that once you commit to purchasing a Porsche, you can still rent a different Porsche should you need a different model. So, you don’t have to worry about all the kids piling into your 911 after football practice, when you can rent a Cayenne.

Due to both these services being pilot programs, Porsche has not said whether or not the programs will be introduced in more cities, or for how long this program will run for. If you are lucky enough to take make use of this service, but still don’t know which 911 is which, we’ve taken the liberty of explaining the different derivatives of the 911.

Should you want to know more information, or make use of this service you can find it all at PorschePassport.com.

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