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porsche hangout Porsche Supercars: Super-Fast And Super Sexy

Porsche has long been associated with performance. What it hasn’t been associated with is convenience. Sports car purists have long thought that you cannot have your cake and eat it. What you give up in the number of passengers you can take, space in the trunk and gas mileage is a willing sacrifice to the gods of performance and style.

However, times have changed. We no longer go to the arcades to game; shopping is done online, and a lot of jobs have also followed that trend. Artificial intelligence is alive and will soon be more ubiquitous, predicting everything from how much laundry detergent you need, to your next date. Gone are the days of the smelly, oil stained motorist and we have truly entered the age of convenience. Unsurprisingly, so has Porsche.

Power and Performance

Anyone who has been following the news will know that the internal combustion engine is on its exhaust cycle. Other technologies such as electric motors and hydrogen fuel cells have gradually eroded its seat at the top of the hill, and it will soon be usurped. When Porsche announced the Taycan last year another nail was knocked into its coffin. Not only is the Taycan one of the fastest electric super cars, it is a true Porsche in terms of styling and build quality. Tesla needed a worthy rival, and who better then Porsche to bring the fight to them?

Back in the conventional world Porsche have maxed out traditional propulsion with their diesel and gas engines. There is still nothing quite like the 911 and 911 turbo S for sheer power, and their engine noise rivals that of many of their larger Italian counterparts.

Super Sexy Styling

Porsche is one of the few companies where appearance isn’t deceptive. Their cars not only perform, but their iconic styling has appealed to generations of owners. Somehow they have remained true to their roots in an age where the past is sacrificed to meet ever-shrinking performance margins and economic restraints. From the new Macan to Star War’s latest spaceship, Porsche has infused its timeless DNA to create eye catching vehicles.

Melding styling pedigree with modern technology in a tasteful manner is a challenge. It can be quite daunting and difficult to get right – although many companies have tried and come up with disasters such as the Chrysler Cruiser. Looking at the new Panamera or 718 there are aspects that positively scream 356, while oozing subtle tech like the Porsche Adaptive Suspension Management, wrap around rear light bar and Porsche Doppel Kupplungs Getriebe (PDK) transmission. As we said earlier, times have changed.

“Life moves fast, if you don’t watch out, you might miss it,” was the motto of a certain teenager in the 80’s. Porsche certainly hasn’t stood still, and their relentless quest to innovate and remain relevant while still remaining a thoroughbred continues to inspire us. Their message is clear, you can have your cake and eat it. Our question is, what are you waiting for?

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