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porsche hangout Porsche Taycan Sales Through The Roof In Third Quarter

When Porsche announced the Taycan, not even they could have predicted the sales success. With over 10,000 units sold in the US during 2020, 6,000 of which were sold in the last quarter, the Taycan has become a viable option for the luxury electric car owner. While these numbers may not seem as successful compared to figures from previous years, it’s important to remember that the entire retail motor industry has taken a massive hit, as Covid-19 has forced consumers to tighten their belts.

Factors Contributing To The Porsche Taycan Sales Success

The Porsche Taycan has been released at a time when electric vehicles have been embraced as a viable primary vehicle. Gone are the days of electric vehicles only being viable for short drives to and from work due to their poor range. Vehicle manufacturers have realized that consumers interested in EVs want an electric car that can fulfill multiple roles like many gasoline power cars can.

Instead of small city cars, there’s an increasing demand for an EV that can be used for the daily commute, while also capable of being a family hauler, grocery getter, road trip cruiser, and back road basher. Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar have tried to answer the call with their all-electric SUVs, but in terms of a four-door sports car, the Porsche Taycan stands alone, proving electric cars can be offer practicality alongside a thrilling driving experience.

Fulfilling The Need For Speed

Speed isn’t the only thing that makes a truly great sports car: it’s being fast in both a straight line and around corners. The Tesla is an amazing car, but it was always going to be challenging to out-do a Porsche when it comes to attributes that Porsche is famous for. The German TV show “Auto Mobil” was lucky enough to have both cars to test head-to-head. Not only was the Taycan able to complete the course at a faster average speed, it also swerved through all three of the cone passages, while the Tesla only managed the first two.

The Significance Of The Taycan’s Sales Numbers

Auto journalists around the world have jumped at the opportunity to compare the Taycan to its most similar sibling, the face-lifted 2021 Panamera. Both cars are high-performance 4-door grand tourers, with the original Mission-E concept’s design taking inspiration from the Panamera. Porsche has played into this similarity by giving the 2021 Panamara headlights that could easily be mistaken for that of the Taycan. With Porsche so willing to blur the lines between the Gasoline Panamera and the Electric Taycan, the Taycan’s sales success may be just the reason that Porsche needed to experiment with electric cars inspired by their other models.

Tesla has been the market leaders for years. With early versions of their flagship model S turning nine soon, a hot new competitor may be enough to push Tesla into finding ways to improve their cars to keep the top spot. Porsche’s gamble with the Taycan may be enough to convince other big names in the automotive industry to commit to EV cars. As in the gasoline car market, more competition means faster innovation and better service, all to the benefit of you, the consumer.

A top tier automotive brand releasing a car that stands true to their values is exactly what the EV market needed. Whether you are for or against them, one thing is certain: electric Porsches have arrived, and they are here to stay.

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