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porsche hangout Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs. the Tesla Model S

This is the one you’ve been waiting for. How does the Porsche Taycan Turbo S compare to the Tesla Model S? The sole reason the Turbo S exists is the Tesla. Being the first worthy competitor to the first real electric car are big boots to fill, and Porsche is just the marque for the job.

An Unfair Comparison

To some extent we think that this is an unfair comparison. Porsche have expanded up and down the market and would like owners to think of them less as a performance vehicle and more as a driving experience. They have stayed true to their racing pedigree and this DNA is very apparent in the Taycan.

Tesla has never aspired to be the pinnacle of performance. Their statement has always been that the future is electric. To prove this to the established and obstinate competition unwilling to change their mindset they had to become the firecracker they are today. Tesla’s are cool. They are the future. Best of all, they are practical.

The Numbers

On paper the Taycan is heavier (5060lb) and has a lower power (761Hp and 1050Nm) output than the Tesla. Anyone associated with Porsche knows that they leave some margin up to the driver. So it really doesn’t surprise us that the Taycan is quicker on almost all fronts. The Tesla only got a look in by winning the rolling race from 30 miles per hour.

Body and Steering

The handling is nicer too, much sharper and more direct than the Tesla. The Taycan feels solid and reflects the build quality we’d expect from Porsche. The Tesla still has some glaring panel gaps characteristic of a young production line. As you’d expect, Porsche understands braking and so will stop in a shorter distance and with much more surety than the Model S.

Charging Times and Stations

Porsche’s partnership with Electrify America as well as their clever climate control system for cooling the battery have helped them inch ahead of the oversubscribed Tesla Superchargers and longer charging times. As more and more models become available, however, we expect this gap to shrink.

You Knew It, Basically.

We can feel the Tesla fanboys jumping up and down in righteous rage. Truth is we weren’t actually here to discuss the performance differences between the two models. Just like you don’t discuss why the iPhone 13 is better than the 12, we knew the Porsche had it taped. Okay, if you’re really looking for specifics it represents the cutting edge of the EV technology which is rapidly evolving. Sure, it’s more expensive than the Tesla – but then the Taycan is not really a family saloon. It is a Porsche, which happens to be an electric vehicle.

Porsche Taycan Turbo S Price

Currently the Tesla S Plaid retails for a cool 61k US cheaper than the Taycan Turbo S. Which brings us back to our original discussion. Just like you wouldn’t really compare a BMW three series to a Porsche 911, making the Taycan Tesla comparison is more to satisfy social media. They are both excellent cars. They both understand their niche and do their level best to fill it. However, they are from two different spheres. Think family and large trunk with the Tesla. The Porsche is about performance and driving. Like comparing Judy Garland and Doris Day a Tesla simply isn’t a Porsche.

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