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porsche hangout Quick 9 Step Spring Car Cleaning

Larry Kosilla, the founder of AMMO NYC is simply my favorite car detail guy around. This Quick 9 Step Spring Car Cleaning video is something that will help all Porsche Hangout subscribers with their car detailing needs. A little more about Larry: He owns a 964 (and you really need to see his 964 “Most Insane Paint Job EVER! Step-by-Step Process” video to really get an appreciation for how detailed this guy is at doing his job properly. He also owns an Audi R8 – Now while this video is not strictly Porsche, I thought I would share it with you as a lot of our subscribers are starting to take their PCars out of winter hibernation, I figured this would be a great video to get you all started on getting your PCars running for the summer. Enjoy the video, and thanks Larry for all the wonderful viewing material you supply us car guys and gals. (I highly recommend the FROTHY / AMMO AERATOR combination)

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