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porsche hangout The Most Common Porsche Maintenance Issues

Porsche maintenance is an often-neglected subject; since Porsche vehicles generally have a good track record of being reliable. With that being said, there are certain things specific to Porsche that are worth keeping an eye on. As Porsche enthusiasts, Porsche Hangout is a staunch advocate of ‘prevention is better than the cure’. It’s much less stressful—and costly quite frankly—to stick to a maintenance schedule for your Porsche, than being stuck at the roadside with a hot engine and a frayed temper.

You know what they say… knowledge is power. So, let’s take a look at three of the most common Porsche issues, shall we?

Faulty Cooling System

German vehicles are notorious for unusual cooling systems; any BMW mechanic will attest to this. These types of systems often require specialized coolant. To ensure that there are no air pockets trapped inside the head requires specialized bleeding.

Porsche is no different—unless you’re one of the lucky air-cooled vintage squads, of course. Older Porsche models need more maintenance and it’s not uncommon for them to develop a cooling system leak.

Signs of a Porsche Cooling System Leak

Here are a few tell-tale signs you have a leak in your cooling system:

Low Coolant

Sometimes, the first sign of this you may get is a drop in the coolant level. If you’re constantly needing to refill your Porsche’s coolant, you likely have a leak in the cooling system.

Check for a puddle of green, sweet-smelling fluid under your car. There may well be no visible signs of leakage under the vehicle, as Porsche specializes in leaking onto the cylinder head. The heat causes the water to evaporate and voila! No obvious leak. Fortunately, this is usually just a seal and an inexpensive fix.

If you think your Porsche has a leak in the cooling system, contact your local Porsche mechanic to take a look. Depending on what’s causing your cooling system to malfunction, it could be an inexpensive fix.

Overheating Engine

If the coolant leak is coming from your engine, it will overheat due to the lack of adequate coolant levels. If your Porsche overheats, it needs to be serviced by a Porsche mechanic to avoid complete engine failure.

Collapsed Coolant Pipe

When you look under the hood of your Porsche, if you notice any holes or kinks in your coolant pipes, that’s an indicator you need to replace them. If you’re not sure, have your local Porsche mechanic take a look.

PDK Transmission Service

Porsche vehicles have some of the most advanced transmission systems in the world. A very common ownership mistake is to assume that automatic transmissions don’t need maintenance. We’re here to tell you, that’s not the case.

This misconception possibly stems from the days of stick shift vehicles when it was common for them to need no attention for the lifespan of the vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not the case when it comes to modern Porsche maintenance. There are specified service intervals for the transmission.

If you are unsure of when last your Porsche had its transmission serviced, make an appointment with your local Porsche service center.

IMS Bearing Fault

This only applies to certain specific models, and we are pleased to announce that Porsche has fixed this issue on newer vehicles. Unfortunately, it’s a fairly expensive problem to fix because it requires many hours of stripping and reassembly.

Pro Tip: If you are thinking of buying a used Porsche, first you need to check that your model isn’t impacted.

Underneath the svelte styling and spirited performance, a Porsche is fundamentally like any other vehicle. Just like any auto, Porsches require regular maintenance. In the light of protecting your investment, we suggest that you stick to the maintenance schedule.

Routine Porsche Maintenance is the Key for a Life Well-Driven

If nothing else, remember these three keys to Porsche automotive maintenance:

  1. Regular oil changes
  2. Use only genuine or quality Porsche maintenance parts
  3. Find a local Porsche mechanic who you trust

Follow this advice, and you and your Porsche will be able to drive off into many more sunsets togetherand honestly, who doesn’t love the sound of that?

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