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porsche hangout The Most Common Porsche Repairs

Owning a Porsche comes with a high level of prestige and satisfaction. But owning a Porsche also requires an ongoing commitment to routine maintenance. All cars come with their share of unique repair issues. Ferraris often develop cracked fuel lines. While the Lamborghini Gallardo often struggles with an overheating clutch. Porsche’s have their own set of common repair requirements. Here’s a look at the top Porsche repairs that you may need to consider.

Cooling Problems

Aging Porsche’s sometimes suffer from various coolant leaks. This is often a result of a pipe sealant issue around the coolant distribution system. Coolant systems run at high temperatures, which can cause plastic components to weaken. This can result in failed distribution tees, expansion reservoirs, or caps. The Panamera struggles from a coolant sealing issue. Porsche coolant leaks can be hard to spot, as you may not notice a leak on your garage floor. Coolant may be spilling directly onto your engine between your cylinders. A reputable repair facility will conduct a thorough cooling system inspection.

Smoky Exhaust

A Smoky Exhaust may not be as big of an issue as you may think. If your Porsche has been the victim of sloppy workmanship, your oil may have been overfilled. This often creates excessive smoke as the excess oil burns off the engine. Over time this can lead to catalytic converter damage. Luckily, this issue can be resolved by draining the oil and replacing the filter. An experienced technician will then refill the oil to the correct level. A smoky exhaust can also result from an oil separator failure. When this happens, air can’t separate from the oil, and oil is pulled into the intake manifold. A smoky exhaust should be on the top of your Porsche repairs list.

Suspension and Steering

Porsches are known to occasionally exhibit an ABS warning light. This is the result of a high occurrence of failed ABS electronic modules. These modules can be easily rebuilt or replaced. CV joint problems are another regular occurrence. This is because they are high-performance sports cars that undergo higher stress levels. A Porsche repairs specialist will be able to check the grease boots for cracks and tears.

Intermittent Main Shaft Bearing Failure

IMS is common in the Cayman and Boxster models. The 996 and 997 generations made use Porsche made use of an intermediate shaft. The shaft was used to drive the camshafts on either side of the engine. The shaft often suffers from failed bearings. This is because of an inferior ball bearing design as well as a lubrication issue.

If you own a Cayman or a Boxster, it’s best to invest in a scheduled maintenance program. This will prevent any costly breakdowns caused by a faulty IMS. Your trusted mechanic may advise on replacing the bearings entirely. Ceramic hybrid bearings have proven to be far stronger.

Coil Pack Failure

Certain year models of the Porsche 996 are known to experience rough engine starting. If your 996 falls within 2006-2012, you may need to get it checked out. Rough engine running is a common sign of a failed coil pack. Ongoing cooling and heating cycles can take their toll on the electrical components. Faulty engine coils can also cause backfiring and stalling issues.

Professional Porsche Repairs in Pompano Beach

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks we make use of advanced diagnostic equipment. Our skilled team will be able to identify those hard-to-diagnose issues. All Foreign Affairs technicians are experienced in all mechanical Porsche-related issues. Give us a call at (954) 746-0488 for the best Porsche repair service in South Florida. Also, visit the Foreign Affairs on Facebook for the latest facility updates.

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