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porsche hangout The Porsche Flying Car – Fact or Fiction

The flying car has been on the lips of carmakers for years and now the popular sports car company wants to make that a Porsche flying car. They can’t help it. As leaders in intuitive motor technology, it’s no surprise that Porsche want in and we’re betting the Porsche flying car will become a reality in the future. Although these plans are still at a very early stage, plans have been set in motion according to global sales chief, Detlev von Platen.

Considering that the motor vehicle goes down as one of the greatest inventions in the history of the world, the flying car has been a long time coming. The concept of a flying car has been predicted in movies and books as a car that can drive on the road and also fly when needed. One of the biggest concerns is safety, as was the case with the original motor vehicle. The unknown can be daunting so we’re not surprised it’s taken this long for the flying car to hit the markets.

Porsche’s Idea Of The Flying Car

Flying cars have only ever been a figment of the imagination by frustrated commuters stuck in traffic or spending too much time on the road as opposed to something more meaningful. With overly congested roads and the population only getting bigger, freeing up some space on the roads could benefit almost all commuters. The airspaces on the other hand, are wide open and ready for use.

Porsche are interested in a sort of passenger vehicle that can replace the use of on-the-road taxis and ride-sharing services. Their interest however lies in their flying car being a flying sports car. The vehicle would be almost autonomous with a certain amount of control available to the driver at various times. For this reason, a pilot license will not be necessary – unlike other brands. Porsche are in the early stages of drawing up their version of a flying taxi however will most likely take a few years for the technology of the mechanism to be completed and it becomes possible to test it in real traffic.

On The Road To The First Flying Car

With so many car manufacturers out to make an industry dream a reality, Porsche have acknowledged that sooner or later a brand is going to be successful, though they are happy to compete with their rivals.

Carmakers such as Italdesign (Volkswagen’s auto designer), Airbus and Audi have collaborated in their efforts to bring the world their vision of the flying car. The Pop.Up Next, which is an entirely electric, fully automated concept vehicle. Audi’s involvement is rooted in their experience of battery technology and automation. Airbus on the other hand are leaders in aerospace technology and have been brought in for their experience in that respective industry.

Claimed to be world’s first flying car in production, the Pal- V Liberty flying car was debuted at the Geneva Motor Show. It takes up to 10 minutes to convert from fly mode to drive mode. In drive mode it can travel up to 100mph, the Pal-V Liberty makes 100hp while in flight mode is hits speeds of 112mph, with 200hp. Their model has space for 2 passengers at maximum. The model is expected to be available to customers in 2019 and a base model will retail for $399 000. You will need a driving license as well as a pilot license in order to operate the vehicle.

After changing up the taxi industry, Uber are aiming to have their driverless, flying cars in the air by 2020.

Although the term “flying car” seems far-fetched and perhaps a bit ominous, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a reality. Air traffic routes would need to be constructed which will probably happen over low-risk areas with a low population. Car manufactures and technologists have most likely been working on this concept for longer than we’ve known about but with the speed of advancement happening around us, it’s a race to the finish as to which brand can get it done first.

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