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porsche hangout Watch The 2019 Porsche 911 Prototype Play In The Snow

2019 Porsche 911

Here is a preview of the 2019 Porsche 911 (Upcoming 992 Generation)

We’re still a while out from the debut of an all-new 911, but that isn’t stopping Stuttgart from trotting out its all-new prototype a few months early – and in the snow, no less. This new spy video shows the upcoming 992 generation Porsche 911 coupe frolicking in the snow, and exercising its pipes in the process.

Like the other spy photos before it, the prototype seen in the video has a very similar look. The front fascia doesn’t stray much from the typical blueprint in terms of design apart from a new set of LED headlights, thinner LED running lights, and a contoured hood, all of which separate it from the outgoing model.

On the rear is where things are significantly newer. A single light bar can be clearly seen underneath the rear spoiler, similar to the Mission E Concept, as well as a lightly revised diffuser and a new set of exhaust tips with just a bit more separation than the current model. And it sounds good too.

The verdict is still out on exactly what will power this new 911, but the company has already confirmed the car will embrace some form of hybrid technology. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean it will drive like a Prius. A version of the same six-cylinder engine will likely carry over, exceeding the 370 horsepower (275 kilowatts) currently available.

The next-generation 911 will make its debut sometime in the second half of 2018 and go on sale before the year’s end. The all-electric Mission E sedan is expected to follow in 2019, with a refreshed Macan joining the lineup as well. In total, Porsche could have at least three new and refreshed models in the lineup in less than two years, if not more.

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