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porsche hangout What Is The Recommended Porsche Service Schedule?

Porsche now offers a range of vehicles from the all-electric Taycan, to the all-conquering Cayenne, and each of these models requires different kinds of maintenance at different intervals. Not all drivers are the same either, some owners might drive their Porsches every day, some might track theirs, while others treat them as garage queens. No matter what Porsche you drive or how you drive it, there is a recommended Porsche service schedule for your car.

Included First Service

Beginning with the model year 2018, all internal combustion-engine Porsches sold now come with a complimentary first service after the first year of ownership or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. This is a general rule for all new Porsche’s, but diesel vehicles may differ, it is always better to check your owner’s manual for exact information on when your vehicle is due for its first service.

Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plans

Porsche dependability is at an all-time high, and following the guidelines set out by Porsche in their scheduled maintenance plans is the best way to ensure your Porsche receives maintenance when required.

For internal combustion engines, Porsche recommends your car be serviced every 10,000 miles, or annually depending on your driving habits. A major service is recommended every 40,000 miles or every four years.

Porsche also recommends that additional maintenance is done every 6 years, which includes, inspecting the airbag system, mounts for assemblies, and running gear, as well as fitting new batteries to the tire pressure monitoring system and replacing the tire sealant.

Electric vehicles undergo the same additional maintenance items but have the advantage of not requiring a scheduled major service. Rather, Porsche’s electric vehicles are recommended to be serviced every 2 years or 20,000 miles.

Air-cooled Porsches Recommended Service Schedule

Air-cooled Porsches are famous for being easy to maintain.

While Porsche still offers a wide range of support for older models with their Classic Parts Catalog, there is some debate on how often an air-cooled Porsche should be serviced. Porsche recommends that air-cooled Porsche be serviced every 10,000 miles, or annually for naturally aspirated models. Turbocharged models should be serviced after 8,000 miles and have their oil levels checked and topped up every 1,000 miles as turbo engines tend to consume more oil.

During the service, engine cooling fins and the fan should be inspected for any damage, and the oil and filter must be replaced. If you’re someone who takes their retro Porsche to the track, Porsche recommends that the service be done every 5,000 miles, or that you replace the oil after every track day.

Choosing A Service Center to Service Your Porsche

Your first service is usually done by the dealer you purchased your car from, and while using a Porsche dealership to maintain your vehicle is the obvious solution, many other service centers can perform maintenance on your vehicle without voiding the manufacturer’s vehicle.

When choosing a service center, always make sure they are Porsche certified, as all certified workshops will be able to service your vehicle if you add an additional service plan with the purchase of your vehicle. Certified workshops will also ensure your Porsche only ever receives the best in OEM parts and can carry out any repair work covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Finally, setting up a relationship with a Porsche-certified service center will make owning and maintaining your Porsche far easier once it is no longer under warranty as they will be aware of all the common Porsche maintenance issues that come with an aging car.

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