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porsche hangout What’s In Store For The Porsche 911 Facelift?

It’s that time of the 911 lifecycle. The time that any seasoned Porsche aficionado will pick up their ears. We’re talking about the mid-cycle (4-year) facelift. This is the big one, boys, the 992.2…

What’s new?

As we’ve previously said, improving perfection is difficult. Much of this will be based on conjecture and a couple of leaked images of the new 911 in the wilds. However, here’s what we suspect you can look forward to in the new 911:


  • Completely digital instrument cluster. This is the same beast we’ve seen in the Taycan. The 911 has clung tightly to its analogue tachometer despite the relentless trend of digital instrumentation. In the facelift, it finally surrenders this to embrace a cluster similar to what we’ve seen in the Taycan. This slender curved screen will not only show engine statistics but also double as navigation and a night vision feed.
  • The infotainment system should be largely untouched (Porsche PCM0). The facelift 911 will also benefit from the recent update to include Spotify streaming services.


  • New front grille arrangement sharpens up the already iconic 911 look and features new integrated LED daytime running lights.
  • Rear diffuser has been rearranged to incorporate the new center exit exhaust system.
  • New paint color combinations and, of course, new alloy wheels.

Engine and transmission:

  • Besides the long-awaited hybrid version, the 911 stays true to its form by keeping the current engine lineup. Tweaks to the PDK transmission and road physics systems are rumored, giving you that extra edge in tight curves. Oh, and by the way, that hybrid version may produce even more power than the outgoing 911 turbo s… Welcome to the 21st

Porsche goes on safari…

If you’ve been at all interested in autos the last few years, you’ll have noticed an interesting trend. It is called the crossover. Increasingly street cars are being beefed up to handle more than just the urban environment. You weren’t the only one to spot this trend – Porsche has picked up on it too and is trying it out on the 911. Enter the safari, with plastic body cladding to guard against rough terrain and hood vents from the GT3. At the time of writing, we aren’t sure whether Porsche will go through with this. Even if they do, it remains uncertain whether we’ll get the model here in the US, but if we do, it could be well worth a further look.

As the world transitions to electric the question on many Porsche folks’ minds is, what is the future for the 911? Especially since Porsche brought out the all-new Taycan as their debut into the new drivetrain. Could this be the end of the line for the icon? In our opinion, after doing so well navigating the COVID-riddled minefield of chip shortages, Porsche may be slimming down their portfolio in the future. Could we see the 911 dethrone the Taycan? Perhaps the Taycan will merge into the Panamera? Only time will tell, but so far, Porsche hasn’t failed to stay true to its roots, despite the challenges of the times.


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