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porsche hangout Will Speed Limiters Cramp Porsche’s Style?

To many people around the world, the Porsche name is synonymous with both beauty and speed. In recent news, it was announced that the EU want to introduce a new safety rule that enforces all new cars be fitted with speed limiters by 2022. This announcement was made during a statement that was given by EU commissioner, Elżbieta Bieńkowska, where she stated that more than 25 000 people are killed every year in car accidents on European roads, caused by human error. Many countries within the EU, including the United Kingdom, have welcomed this new rule, with the belief that it will help save lives. This announcement has produced mixed reactions from both car manufacturers and car enthusiasts, and has left a question mark around how various sports cars known for their speed are going to respond.

The Porsche brand is definitely known for the top speed of its cars, however, it also has a very rich history of being one of the most well manufactured car makes of all time, with an immense ability to adapt to the current and future needs of the market. A recent example of this is the introduction of the Porsche Taycan, which is to be released this year and directly compete with Tesla, who has completely dominated the electric car market for the last few years. This new Porsche model is expected to have just as much beauty and engine power as ever. Since Porsche cars may need to be manufactured with a system that can limit a driver’s speed, it will certainly be interesting to see what exciting new models Porsche manages to come up with.

How Will Speed Limiters Be Added To Cars?

The EU speed limiter rule does not specify how the technology needs to work to be able to limit the speed of a driver and so the idea is that cars will be fitted with an intelligent speed assistance system, which allows for the system to be overridden by the driver, at any time. These intelligent speed assistance systems will then be developed with GPS tracking devices that are able to detect various speed limits to make sure drivers adhere to them. These systems will not automatically pump on the brakes of the vehicle, however, but will limit the engine power instead. The idea that drivers will be able to override this is actually a safety measure in itself so that a driver can increase speed if needed when overtaking a truck, for example.

Since the idea of intelligent speed assistance systems seems simple enough, why hasn’t it been implemented in cars already? The problem arises in the outdated infrastructure of the European roads. The current road signs and speed limit signs are not standardized across the whole of Europe, which makes it very difficult for the GPS systems to detect the speed that a driver needs to be limited to. This means that the new speed limiters rule can only be properly enforced when the European road infrastructure has been updated.

Will Porsche Limit The Top Speed Of Their Cars?

Although this new safety rule seems like it is trying to stop sports car owners from living out their formula one fantasies, this really doesn’t look like it’s going to be the case for Porsche owners. Firstly, the speed limiting systems that will be required for new cars will simply act as a guideline for drivers that are going above the speed limit, and can at any time, be overridden by the driver. Porsche are therefore not required to limit the top speed of their cars if this new rule is in fact implemented from 2022. Then secondly, even though there are many people in support of this new rule, there are a few people that question whether the idea for the technology used to limit car speeds is up to scratch or not. This new rule will still need to be approved and properly enforced by the EU parliament before car manufacturers are forced to make these changes.

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