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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Porsche Taking Cruise Control to the Next Level

Let Porsche’s InnoDrive System Drive For You There has been a lot of buzz recently about self-driving cars. Apparently Google is fairly close to producing a vehicle that, using GPS, maps and radar, will be able to navigate the streets with little to no human intervention. For those of us who prefer to be in…

What is the Variable Compression Ratio Engine and Why Does it Matter?

What’s The Big Fuss About Porsche’s New Engine? If you ask any super car enthusiast about the most exciting thing to happen to engine design in the last decade, chances are they won’t know anything about the Porsche 911 Turbo S and the new variable compression ratio engine. That’s because the German engineers are keeping…

Velvet Wrapped Porsche 911

Who’s up for a 911 covered in Velvet? Not my bag but I tell you, if you want to make an entrance and impress…. perhaps the velvet mobile look will do the trick, what do you think?

Michelin and Porsche Documentary Captures the Essence of Le Mans

If you are any kind of Porsche Fan, then this video embodies Porsche and Le Mans. An absolute must watch. With Le Mans only one week away the Essence of Porsche At Le Mans is captured beautifully in this documentary. Well worth watching.