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Monthly Archives: October 2019

How Porsche Is Combating Carbon Footprints With Porsche Impact

Ever since the new millennium, the inconvenient truth for us car enthusiasts is that we are one of the largest contributors to atmospheric carbon dioxide. What’s so bad about this? Well, it causes global warming. As a car enthusiast who doesn’t want to give up their fast car, we look for other ways to help…

Porsche Catches Up To Chinese Counterfeiters

In this techno-savvy day and age, it’s becoming easier for companies to manufacture counterfeit components. With an estimated 80% of all automotive counterfeit parts being manufactured in China, Porsche has set up a special legal team of brand protection workers to bust counterfeit companies. Here is how Porsche is catching up to Chinese counterfeiters. Bring…

Are You a PCA Member?

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