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porsche hangout Our Favorite Porsche Performance Products

What do you think leads to record breaking performance? We think that it’s actually customization. Some of the greatest advances in automotive technology have come out of the racing sphere. Events like the Indy 500 are a hotbed of performance orientated customization. It’s only natural that Porsche offers their own collection of Porsche performance products.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorites, aye?. You can consider this your tell-all guide for the what’s-what’s in Porsche performance products.

​​​​Aerokit 911 Turbo

The 911 is a sexy beast.

As was recently proven with the GT3, spoilers can make quite a fair difference to the down force and therefore handling. The Aerokit includes a new front spoiler, side fins, side skirts and fixed rear spoiler. But wait, there’s more! An automatically extending rear wing and rear apron finish off the kit. These can be painted in the exterior color.

Porsche Active Aerodynamics are retained, but be forewarned, this kit is only available on Cabriolet models that have the Ceramic Composite Brake system fitted.

​​​​911 LED Headlights

Let’s talk about lighting, shall we?

Yes, LEDs have largely taken over as our main source of electrical lighting. However, there is a reason why we haven’t seen them as prolifically in vehicles. This kit is Porsche’s answer to the call of the future. Designed specifically for the 911, it integrates seamlessly with the styling and will make all the difference when the sun goes down. If you own a 911 and haven’t installed this kit, definitely add it to your ‘must-have list’ of Porsche performance products.

Brey Krause Fire Extinguisher Mount

Regardless of what you use your Porsche for, having a fire extinguisher on hand can save your investment. Especially with the older air-cooled models which tend to be, uhm, fiery. Yes, it’s not exactly a performance product, but sometimes it’s good to cool your heels. This mount looks the part with CNC machined T6 6061 billet aluminum surfaces. A one-handed release makes the extinguisher easily accessible.

​​​​​​Sports Exhaust System

We hear you, enough 911 kit already… A tuned exhaust system can bring north of a 10% power increase. The best part of Porsche sports exhausts? They are available for a wide range of models. Everything from the Cayenne to the 718 have got some available configuration. There is steep competition in this area though, and we’d suggest that if you aren’t happy with what Porsche has on offer, you check out alternative Akrapovic systems.

​​​​​​Taycan Sports Design Package

This is one of the few OEM performance kits available for Porsche’s new all electric Tesla killer. Sculpted out of carbon fiber this kit is similar to what is available for the 911, but also includes a new front apron with license plate carrier and rear diffuser. Parts of it are standard equipment on the Taycan Turbo S, but we’d recommend it if you want to crank up the bad-ass factor on your Taycan or Taycan 4s.

Honorable Mention: Porsche Tequipment Finder

Porsche Tequipment deserves a worthy mention. We couldn’t include it in our list because it isn’t really performance related. Many of us like to use our Porsches to go on road trips or vacation with the whole family. Porsche Tequipment makes this a little easier, especially for Cayenne and Macan owners. Accessories such as rooftop boxes, luggage compartment liners and bicycle racks make toting family luggage a breeze.

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We’ve stuck mostly to what Porsche offers as OEM, since these components are covered by a strict guarantee and blend seamlessly with your auto’s styling. However, there are many alternative manufacturers of aftermarket performance products that make just as good performance enhancing modifications. Hopefully, by now you realize that there is very little that you can’t do to customize your Porsche. ​​​​​​

What are your favorite Porsche performance products? Are there any we missed? Join the discussion on www.PorscheHangout.com where it’s all Porsche, all the time!

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