Porsche Hangout

porsche hangout Porsche Test Drives Just Got A Bit More Exciting

Motorheads are getting new opportunities to get in the driver’s seat of the latest Porsche models at their new Porsche Experience Centers. Porsche has recently plugged some major funding into two of its experience centers situated in North America. Home to Porsche Motor Sports N. America and their North American Headquarters, the public is welcome to get a taste of the beauty and power these cars have to offer.

A New Kind Of Porsche Experience

Wanting to create new enthusiasts and attract new buyers, the company is allowing the public to have genuine Porsche experiences.

Equipped with various “modules” such as road courses, and “ice” hills, the center also includes a hydraulic kickplate that sets the car into a spin or a skid across the wet surface. Giving drivers a chance to feed their appetite for speed, the acceleration straight is an exciting attraction created by the appeal of a luxury sports car such as Porsche.

The new addition to the cluster of experience centers aims to give potential Porsche owners the opportunity to compare new models by freely pushing things to the limit, allowing them to really see what the car has to offer. In the past, purchasing behavior has heavily been influenced by visitors having the chance to push their limits, comfortably. It’s a playground for a sports car enthusiast. Further than that, the controlled conditions and a safe environment gives blossoming enthusiasts an exciting way to get in on the action.

With the new 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S edging onto the scene, there’s no doubt that both new and previous owners will want to compare the handling of the 8th generation model. Added to that, the model offers more speed, going from 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds and, improved launch control for maximum acceleration.

What’s The Cost?

A 90-minute session at one of the new Porsche Experience Centers will cost you $365, a price worth paying for this unique opportunity.

Porsche are known for taking their cars across the world to visit various racetracks and test it across landscapes. With a handful of experience centers all over the globe, the new experience centers provide customers in other U.S states to get in the driver’s seat and explore what you might call, a playground for adults.

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