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porsche hangout The All-Electric Porsche Taycan Is Number One In The U.S.

The all-electric Porsche Taycan continues to reach new milestones. As if a Porsche Nürburgring record and a ‘Best car to buy in 2020’ nomination wasn’t enough, the Taycan has now become Porsche’s best-selling car in the US. Third-quarter sales saw the Taycan rise to this position, second only to the SUV category in the Porsche stable. Here’s why the Taycan is becoming such a hot seller.

Porsche Taycan Demand Is Growing

Each quarter has seen Taycan sales grow considerably since the model’s launch in 2019. Perhaps the most eye-opening jump in sales was seen in the second quarter of this year, where U.S. Taycan sales jumped from 221 to an incredible 881. That’s a quadruple increase in sales.

Moving onto the third quarter, Porsche sold a total of 1,858 Taycan’s. The Taycan managed 300 more sales than Porsche’s 911 which is their next best-selling model. Apart from these impressive figures, over a thousand 718’s were sold, as well as 1,064 Panamera Sedans. The U.S. is currently Porsche’s second-largest market, second only to China. Demand for the tantalizing Taycan currently exceeds supply in the U.S. which is a good problem for Porsche to have. This is a sure sign that consumers trust Porsche as a brand and many Americans have an increased desire to own an environmentally friendly performance car.

Impressive Performance Figures

The Porsche Taycan boasts an all-electric, four-door offering which comes with stratospheric levels of performance. With a whopping 552 horsepower, the Taycan 4s thunders quietly from 0-60 miles an hour in just 3.8 seconds. The top-line Taycan Turbo S produces an even more impressive 750 horsepower and reaches 60 miles an hour in only 2.6 seconds. With a top speed of 161 miles an hour, one mustn’t forget that the Porsche Taycan is a fully electric car boasting these figures.

Toppling Tesla

Strong Taycan sales have shown that it’s a serious competitor to Tesla. With a starting price of $104,000, the Taycan doesn’t exactly have entry-level pricing, but sales remain strong. While Tesla has some very attractive offerings on the table, the Taycan has proven to boast a more enjoyable driving experience. Staying true to Porsche German engineering, the Taycan deserves to do well.

Porsche’s Punchy Power System Sets It Ahead

Porsche has managed to design an 800-volt battery that capable of a rapid charge. When using a Porsche supplied charging unit, or a 350-kW Electrify America charger, the Taycan can charge up to 80% in only 22.5 seconds! Don’t fret if you don’t have access to this charger as the regular 150-kW charger will do the same charge in only 30 minutes. These charging times make the Taycan a serious contender amongst Americans who still desire the practicality of a fast charge. Porsche is also offering 3 years of free charging when you buy a Taycan which is sure to attract the attention of buyers

All-Rounder Attraction

Perhaps what makes the Taycan such a great seller is its versatility. Not only do the four-door allow for more passengers, but it also comes with a fair size boot for a performance car, allowing a small family to fit with luggage. The Porsche Taycan is also able to make any road an enjoyable experience. From high-speed highways to winding canyon roads, the Taycan is an incredibly responsive car. Although it’s a larger car, it doesn’t feel awkward when driving. Best of all, it’s environmentally friendly while still boasting impressive power. What more could you ask for in a car. Viva la Vida to the trailblazing Porsche Taycan.

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