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porsche hangout Need For Speed: Porsche, McLaren, Lamborghini & Ferrari Face-Off

You’ve probably heard of the Big Five game animals that you’ll see in Africa, all known for their beauty and power. In this article, we’re featuring the Big Four in the supercar motoring world.

The Porsche 911 Turbo S goes head-to-head with McLaren 765LT, the Lamborghini Huracán Evo RWD, and the Ferrari F8 Tributo. What more could you ask for? We’ll be weighing up these ferocious competitors and see if the Porsche comes out at the front of the pack.

The Speed Challenge

The first thing to say is that all of these are quick cars, with the slowest 0-60mph being just 3.3 seconds. But which of these four is the fastest off the mark? Let’s have a look at how these four competitors fared against each other.

The Lambo Luster Was Lacking

The Lamborghini came in as the underdog with the least amount of power. Its 602bhp seemed like no match for the Porsche’s 641bhp, the Ferrari’s 700bhp, and the McLaren’s whopping 755bhp. Being a rear-wheel-drive car, it was never going to be in the running for pole position. The “Thrust Mode” spin on the conventional launch control sounded promising, but sadly, the Huracán only managed a 0-60mph time of 3.36 seconds.

Ferrari Fury

The F8 Tributo comes with similar specs to the Huracán in that it’s also rear-drive, and comes with a twin-clutch gearbox. Where the Ferrari takes the cake is with its advanced launch system, which propelled it to the 60mph mark in under 3 seconds…2.96 seconds to be exact. The Ferrari carries a clear power to weight advantage over the Huracán and was able to come in one second quicker on the 60-130mph pull.

McLaren Madness

The most surprising spec of the 765LT is that it’s only a 2WD setup, and yet it manages to propel to 60mph in 2.72 seconds. Most impressive is its 0-100mph time of only 5.08 seconds. The McLaren also boasts the best 60-130mph time of 5.09 seconds, which leaves the rest of the pack in a mound of dust. McLaren has a simple strategy of more power and less weight. The whopping 755bhp makes it the most powerful, but it’s the torque figure of 590lb that further assists the acceleration.

We can’t forget that on the Huracán is a naturally aspirated engine, while the other 3 cars rely on punchy turbos to improve their speed. The McLaren’s final advantage is its weight: it comes in over 100kgs lighter than any of its rivals. Would you believe that it’s a third of a ton lighter than the Porsche?

Porsche Perfection

Once again, the Porsche 911 Turbo S came to the speed party with flying colors. The Turbo S is renowned for its speed and mind-blowing acceleration. Its strength comes in its astonishing levels of traction which give the tires a claw-like feel. No matter how much power you give them, the 911 manages to transfer it all into grip and speed. The beauty of this Porsche is that it’s able to transfer all of its 641bhp directly to the wheels in an instant. It’s a stunning balance of power and torque, which results in the Turbo S rocketing to 60mph in a blistering 2.48 seconds. It is, however, a little slower on the higher speed acceleration level due to its power-to-weight shortfall.

Boastful Braking

When it comes to braking, all these super cars pull over 1g of deceleration. The stand-out winner here was the McLaren, which stopped from 100mph in just 73.2 meters. It’s a whole 2 car lengths less than the Ferrari and the Lamborghini.

Over the years, Porsche has been working hard at improving their braking performance, and it’s beginning to show. Porsche settled neatly into second place with the 911 Turbo S, achieving a stopping distance of 79.8 meters. Keeping in mind that it’s the heaviest car out of the four, this is a deeply impressive braking performance from Porsche.

Porsche Powers Ahead With The Best Acceleration

Whichever way you look at it, it’s the 911 Turbo S that managed to achieve a whopping 0-60mph time of just 2.48 seconds. McLaren, with its lightweight technology and enormous power ratings, was still 0.24 seconds slower on the initial acceleration. Let’s be honest though, all of these supercars are amazing, and all of them will top 200mph.

With the Porsche matching the top speed of the McLaren at 205mph, there isn’t much wiggle room here. We love how the Porsche manages to take the cake on acceleration with a tried and tested Porsche strategy of transferring power into speed.

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