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The TechArt Twist. Not just Passion, it’s a Lifestyle

German automobile tuner TechArt is well-known for their extensive tuning packages, and for specializing in existing Porsches.
Founded in 1987 by Thomas Behringer, the hopes was to go against the modern auto-culture of that time. “Go against” by combining technically superior features with the cosmetic beauty of a motor-vehicle. TechArt set about achieving their goals through the core value that “ability is not enough.”

The passion and ability in what they do have made them sustainable throughout this time, and brought them to be an unstoppable force in their specialty: Tuning Porsche Motor Vehicles. According to founder Thomas Behringer, the idea was to “blend power and style.” Thus the name TechArt came about, combining the words technology and art. Behringer reveals that the secret to TechArt improving Porsche vehicles to even greater heights has been to investigate the market and work close with its skilled tight-knit team of 70 members.

Headquarters of the company reside in Leonberg Germany, boasting the accolade of holding the longest market share in the country – more than any other tuner. They stay seeking opportunity to build their brand globally. Their eyes are especially focused on Europe and Asia, looking out for qualified dealers to rep their product, and keep up with the demand from their areas. TechArt happily holds partnerships with big brand motor companies such as BBS and Continental to ensure perfection in their tuning and vehicle modification. Popular Deutschland race drivers Uwe Alzen and Adrian Sutil are part of the TechArt team, operating as brand ambassadors as well as test drivers for the tuning company. No surprise that these motorists are no stranger to Porsche at a competitive stage, with Uwe Alzen having won the 1992 Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland and1994 Porsche Supercup.

Statistically speaking the most publicly owned TechArt projects would be the 997, especially the Turbo model. However the TechArt GT Street and TechArt Magnum are reportedly the most famous models from this company to date. Upgrades such as the GrandGT for Porsche Panamera, Magnum for Porsche Cayenne, and GT Street for Porsche 911 Turbo all exceed $250 000,oo with ease.
In modern day, extreme conversion on motor vehicles makes up around 10% of the TechArt business. As with everything, things tend to change as time changes. Something like the companies’ impressive interior work company holds 30% of its income. Body kits, rims and other strict exterior modifications also make up the monthly haul. Other than that, motorists may still bring their vehicles in for regular servicing, or even simpler necessities like an oil change. Their upcoming base model is to be the new generation 991 turbo, and motor enthusiasts are no doubt enticed to see the fruits of TechArt’s effort.

TechArt believe that passion is needed in what they do, and that their passion has been burning non-stop since their founding year. Looking at their classic to modern works and respecting their acceptance to partake in the 2016 Essen motor show, we at Porsche Hangout have to agree. To all our PorscheHangout subscribers, be on the lookout for the 2017 TechArt calendar, filled with imagery of their glorious works.

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