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porsche hangout The Latest Porsche News About The New GT3 RS

The 992 generation Porsche 911 has been with us since 2019. Porsche only announced the GT3 in mid-December, with only a handful of journalists being allowed to drive the prototype. Spy shots of the upcoming GT3 RS in prototype form have already been spotted testing on the Nürburgring and the surrounding areas.

While there is no Porsche news on when they will officially announce the GT3 RS, we can already see some of the differences over the GT3.

Exterior Aerodynamics

Compared to the GT3, the GT3 RS spotted on the Nürburgring featured a more aggressive front splitter, coupled with additional vents on the hood and front fenders. The side profile is extended with a set of unique side skirts, which give the GT3 Rs an effective lower ride height.

Like all prior GT3 RS models, large side intakes are present, even though the engineers doing these tests tried to disguise them. Porsche has fitted a massive dual element rear wing, connected via swan neck rear struts that connect to the wing from above rather than below, which we hope makes its way onto the production model.

Performance Upgrades

While the GT3 RS sports a set of 991 RS center-lock wheel, we expect Porsche will fit the production model with a set of new wheel options. Like the 991 GT3 RS, the 992 wears a set of Michelin Pilot Cup 2 tires, measuring 265/35R20 in the front and 325/30R21 in the back. Behind the wheels sit big 6 pot de-badged brake calipers in yellow, which may symbolize that this particular car is running carbon-ceramic brake rotors.

It’s difficult for a manufacturer to disguise engine sound and exhaust note. People lucky enough to hear the prototype in action all agree that the RS will remain a high revving natural aspirated car, choosing not to go the turbo route other models have. At this moment, it’s safe to assume the GT3 RS will use the same 4.0 liter flat-six engine found in the 992 GT3 and 991 speedster, and take advantage of individual throttle bodies to make the engine more responsive. We can expect power output to be improved over the Speedsters 502 horsepower and 346lb-ft of torque.

Porsche has made great strides in the development of their dual-clutch PDK transmission, with an 8-speed automatic most likely being offered alongside a 6-speed manual, which was brought back with the 991 GT3.

Porsche GT3 R

The GT3 RS will be built alongside the regular GT3 and the GT3R racing car, with the GT3 R being earmarked to compete in DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) GT Pro class. However, DTM promoter ITR is proposing new regulations, which require all engines be tuned to produce 600bhp for the GT Pro class, up from the current GT3R’s 520bhp. Unfortunately, Porsche Motorsport boss Fritz Enzinger has not committed to offering a 600bhp upgrade to the cars, stating that “Some Porsche customer teams have signaled their fundamental interest in using a 911 GT3 R in a possible GT3 DTM 2021.”

Since Porsche has yet to confirm the existence of the 992 GT3 RS, there is no clear timeframe on when the RS will come to market. The majority of analysts expect Porsche to release the car no earlier than 2022.

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