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porsche hangout What’s New With The Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 has a luxuriously long and rich history, dating back to the first model ever made in 1963. It is a two-door high performance vehicle and throughout the years has undergone various facelifts – for both the body of the vehicle as well as under the hood. With technological advancements, this stunner of a vehicle can only become more luxurious and more of a beast on the road.

While some choose to collect these stunning cars, others have modified them for races or car rally’s – the precision engineering and design is brought to life as it is one of the more successful models in car competitions. During the 1970’s, the Porsche 911 Carrera RSR held the world championship title for various races such as the 24-Hour Daytona – while the Porsche 911 935 turbo won the 24 Hours of Le Mans. With such a vibrant history of winning a variety of competitions, Porsche enthusiasts can only wonder what’s next.

The Porsche 992

While there has been no official release date for the Porsche 992, everything we know about it comes from a variety of spy shots, testing pictures and accidental leaks. Here’s a breakdown of what is known but with all the new changes that may be occurring, enthusiast do not need to worry. The model director for the 911, August Achleitner, aims to keep the unique feel of the 911.

For the interior of the 992, the vehicle will introduce two digital screens that will flank the traditional analogue rev counter. This may have initially been done by VW, the Porsche 992 will adopt the same large screen infotainment system as seen in the Panamera. This means that there will be very few physical buttons while maintain the usual black and white graphics. Instead of a traditional gear lever, the 992 will feature a rectangular device which will be used to shift between park, drive or neutral for the PDK gearbox.

Some enthusiasts may be excited for the possibility of autopilot system like Tesla’s, but the probability of that is highly unlikely. Factoring in the long rich history of the 911, regardless of what technological advancements or modifications are made, some things such as a steering wheel, will always be a classic.

While there has been no official word on the engine that will be used, the possibility of a hybrid drivetrain option has not been ruled out. Fans expect that the vehicle will make use of Porsche standard – the turbocharged engines, but the 992 may be the first-generation Porsche where the entire engine is turbocharged. The end for naturally aspirated units is near and the 992 may be the vehicle that’s paving the way into the next generation.

For added safety, the 992 will feature lane assist, which aids drivers in keeping the vehicle in the middle of the lane but utilizing this feature will be left to the driver’s discretion. The 922 will also have cruise control but in keeping with the lane assist feature, it is the driver’s choice to utilize the feature. While no other information has come out regarding other autonomous features that the 992 may have, enthusiasts are holding onto the edge of their seats to find out more.

Racing Closer to the Truth

Even though all official images of the car feature a camouflage, the shape is undoubtedly one of a 911 with it’s round headlights and swooping rear end. All we can say for certain at the moment is that the vehicle will feature the new DRL as seen on the Panamera and LED tail lights which will span the width of the Porsche, an effect similar to classic 911 generation vehicles.

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