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porsche hangout Why Should I Keep My Auto Maintenance Schedule Up To Date?

We’re proud of the fact that Porsche is one of the most reliable performance vehicles. It’s also one of the cheapest to maintain. So before you accuse us of being ‘pound wise and penny foolish’ let’s talk maintenance schedules. More specifically, why keep up to date?

1.   Save Money

The news is full of it. Rising gas prices. Extended recessions. Quantitative tightening. Right now, hardly anyone is rolling in cash (unless you’re Mr. Musk, but we digress). One of the easiest ways to save money is to keep on top of your auto maintenance. This also applies to those unlucky enough not to own a Porsche. (We know you’re on here.) Why, you ask? What is cheaper, replacing the transmission fluid and filters or the entire transmission?

2.   Save Time

If you visit your favorite auto mechanic regularly, you will keep up to date with your repairs. They will also let you know in advance just how long they need your baby. This lets you plan to be without your vehicle. You might ask your partner to drop you off at work. Perhaps you like Uber. You might move that California trip forward. What we’re getting at is that you’re not stuck without wheels. Not keeping up to date with your auto maintenance schedule can mean that something breaks unexpectedly. Knowing Murphy’s law, it will be the worst possible time. Instead of rescheduling the wife’s hair appointment, disappointing the kids, or burning dinner, why not just keep ahead of the game. Service on time, every time.

3.   Save Headaches

Some stress is unavoidable. If you are given the choice though, why not minimize it? We were just talking about Mr. Murphy. If your auto shop is half decent, they will warn you during your regular maintenance schedule if something is going to fail. Then you can plan (and budget) to fix it. You don’t have the stress of worrying when you take that extended road trip about that odd rustling sound. Or the knock when you go over a bump. There is nothing more satisfying than settling into a well-maintained vehicle and knowing that whatever happens along the road, you have done your preparation.

An auto maintenance schedule is there for a reason. We are sure that the top execs at Porsche didn’t just get together in Stuttgart to come up with a way to waste your time and money. There are many more reasons why you should stick to their guidance.

We’d like to leave you with a final one. Porsche and performance go very well in the same sentence. Getting ultimate performance means pushing the boundaries of engineering. Unlike the Taycan, in the internal combustion engine, there are many moving parts. These rely on proper lubrication to remain frictionless. Porsche is on the bleeding edge of mechanical technology. So tolerances are small and the design is intricate. Regular oil changes at the very least will prevent your internal combustion engine from going external when you floor the gas in that GT3.

We hope by now we’ve made a compelling argument. A Porsche is a performance machine, why not keep it that way?

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